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Section #5 Files List (File Formats)

$HOME/.abook/abookrc - configuration file for abook address book
access.conf - the login access control table file
access - Postfix SMTP server access table
acct - process accounting file
acct_users - user accounting file for the FreeRADIUS server
.acheck - Acheck configuration file
set.rules - Rules set for acheck
acl - Access Control Lists
active - List of newsgroups carried by the server
active.times - List of local creation times of newsgroups
/etc/adduser.conf - configuration file for adduser(8) and addgroup(8).
aecattr - aegis change attributes file
aecstate - aegis change state file
aedir - aegis directory structures
aefattr - aegis file attribute file format
aefstate - aegis file state file
aegis - meta-data file format
aegstate - aegis global state file
aegis locks - how locking works, and which commands use them
aemetrics - metrics values file format
aepattr - aegis project attribute file
aepconf - aegis project configuration file
aepstate - aegis project state file
aer - aegis report script language definition
aerptidx - aegis report index file format
aesub - aegis command substitutions
aetest - aegis test results file format
aeuconf - user configuration file
aeustate - aegis user state file
aewan - File format documentation
af_archive - format of archive files in the Attribute Filesystem
afclient.conf - Configuration File for afclient
afpd.conf - Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the setup
afp_ldap.conf - Configuration file used by afpd(8) to configure a LDAP
afp_signature.conf - Configuration file used by afpd(8) to specify
afs_cache - Format of data stored in an AFS client disk cache
afserver.conf - Configuration File for afserver
afs - Introduction to AFS files
afsmonitor - Provides instructions for the afsmonitor command
afs_volume_header - Represents an AFS volume - Error message catalog for debugging the Cache Manager
aide.conf - The configuration file for Advanced Intrusion Detection
album(5) - flphoto album file format
aliases - Postfix local alias database format
aliases - aliases file for sendmail
amanda-archive-format - Format of amanda archive streams
amanda-client.conf - Client configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced
amanda.conf - Main configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced Maryland
amd.conf - Amd configuration file
american-english - a list of English words
american-english-huge - a list of English words
american-english-insane - a list of English words
american-english-large - a list of English words
american-english-small - a list of English words
english - flag format for English ispell dictionaries
amf.conf - corosync AMF configuration file
ample.conf - configuration file for Ample
ample.html - html template for Ample
/etc/anacrontab - configuration file for anacron
/etc/and.conf - general configuration parameters for the auto nice
/etc/and.priorities - priority database for the auto nice daemon.
answering_machine.conf - configuration of CapiSuite answering machine
apparmor.d - syntax of security profiles for AppArmor.
apparmor.vim - vim syntax highlighting file for AppArmor profiles
AppleVolumes.default, AppleVolumes.system, AppleVolumes - Configuration
AppleVolumes.default, AppleVolumes.system, AppleVolumes - Configuration
AppleVolumes.default, AppleVolumes.system, AppleVolumes - Configuration
approx.conf - configuration file for approx proxy server
appschema - LAM application schema format
apsfilterrc - configuration file for magic print filter
apt.conf - Configuration file for APT
apt-dater.conf - configuration file of apt-dater(8)
apt-p2p.conf - configuration file for apt-p2p.conf
apt_preferences - Preference control file for APT
apt-proxy.conf - configuration file for apt-proxy
argus.conf - argus resource file.
argus - IP Network Auditing Facility
asmailrc - the asmail resource file
asmtpd.conf - Avenger SMTP Daemon configuration file
atalkd.conf - Configuration file used by atalkd(8) to determine the
at.allow, at.deny - determine who can submit jobs via at or batch
at.allow, at.deny - determine who can submit jobs via at or batch
attr - Extended attributes
audispd.conf - the audit event dispatcher configuration file
audisp-prelude.conf - the audisp-prelude configuration file
audisp-remote.conf - the audisp-remote configuration file
auditd.conf - audit daemon configuration file
ausearch-expression - audit search expression format
authkeys - Authentication file for the Heartbeat cluster messaging
autofs - Format of the automounter maps
autofs_ldap_auth.conf - autofs LDAP authentication configuration
autolog.conf - Configuration file for the autolog command
auto.master - Master Map for automounter
avahi-daemon.conf - avahi-daemon configuration file
avahi.hosts - avahi-daemon static host name file
avahi.service - avahi-daemon static service file
awayrc - configuration file for Away
awesomerc - Configuration file for the awesome window manager
ax25d.conf - ax25d configuration file.
ax25ipd.conf - Control the operation of ax25ipd.
ax25mond.conf - Specify the sockets which ax25mond will provide.
ax25rtd.conf - ax25 routing daemon configuration file
ax25spyd.conf - Specify the sockets which ax25spyd will provide and
axports - AX.25 port configuration file.
axspawn.conf - Control the operation of axspawn.
BACKUP.D - Action configuration files for backupninja(1).
BackupLog - Traces Backup Server operations
BACKUPNINJA.CONF - Configuration file(s) for backupninja (1).
bakefile - Bake description file
bandwidthd.conf - configuration file for bandwidthd
battery-stats - collected battery statistics
bbcombotest.cfg - Configuration of bbcombotest tool
bbdate.conf - bbdate configuration file
bb-hosts - Main Xymon configuration file
bbkeysrc - bbkeys configuration file
bb-services - Configuration of TCP network services
bcfg2.conf - configuration parameters for bcfg2
crontab - tables for driving bcron
bdb.DB0, bdb.DBSYS1 - Contain the Backup Database and associated log
bdii - configuration files
bhost - LAM boot schema (host file) format
bincimap.conf - Global configuration file for Binc IMAP
bip.conf - Configuration file for BIP IRC Proxy
bitlbee.conf - configuration file for bitlbee(8)
bld_acl.conf - Access lists for BLD
bld.conf - Configuration file for BLD
bld_whitelist.conf - White lists for BLD
blinkenlights.conf - Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools Byyyyylt;blinkenlightsyyyyygt;
bmc-config - BMC configuration file format and details
bnetd.conf - configuration for the Unix daemon
bnmotd.txt, bnnews.txt bnissue.txt - messages for the Unix
bnmotd.txt, bnnews.txt bnissue.txt - messages for the Unix
bnmotd.txt, bnnews.txt bnissue.txt - messages for the Unix
bnmotd.txt, bnnews.txt bnissue.txt - messages for the Unix
bochsrc - Configuration file for Bochs.
bootcd2disk.conf - configuration file for bootcd2disk
bootcdbackup.conf - configuration file for bootcdbackup
bootcdwrite.conf - configuration file for bootcdwrite
bootparams - boot parameter database
bootptab - Internet Bootstrap Protocol server database
BosConfig - Defines server processes for the BOS Server to monitor
BosLog - Traces BOS Server operations
bounce - Postfix bounce message template format
config - user configuration file for bpython
bridge-utils-interfaces - bridge-utils extensions for the interfaces(5)
british-english - a list of English words
british-english-huge - a list of English words
british-english-insane - a list of English words
british-english-large - a list of English words
british-english-small - a list of English words
english - flag format for English ispell dictionaries
BSE - Bedevilled Sound Engine File Format
buffindexed.conf - Configuration for the buffindexed overview method
build.xml - configuration file used by ant to build projects
butc - Defines Tape Coordinator instructions for automated tape devices
butc_logs - Message logs from the Tape Coordinator process
/etc/cachefilesd.conf - Local file caching configuration file
cacheinfo - Defines configuration parameters for the Cache Manager
calife.auth - format of the calife authorization file
/etc/isdn/callerid.conf - config file for isdnlog numbers and scripts
canadian-english - a list of English words
canadian-english-huge - a list of English words
canadian-english-insane - a list of English words
canadian-english-large - a list of English words
canadian-english-small - a list of English words
canonical - Postfix canonical table format
capisuite.conf - configuration of the CapiSuite daemon
cdb - Constant DataBase file format
cdde.xml - Configuration file for cdde
CellAlias - Maps cell names to aliases in /afs
CellServDB - Lists the database server machines in AFS cells
cfingerd.conf - configurable finger daemon configuration file.
cfingerd.text - cfingerd text rules
cgconfig.conf - libcgroup configuration file
cgi - Common Gateway Interface
cgred.conf - libcgroup configuration file
cgrules.conf - libcgroup configuration file
charmap - character symbols to define character encodings
charmrc - Configuration file for Charm
checkrad - See if a user is (still) logged in on a certain port
checkservice - checks the status of services on (remote) hosts
chocolate-doom.cfg - Chocolate Doom configuration file
chrony.conf - chronyd configuration file
cidr_table - format of Postfix CIDR tables
clamav-milter.conf - Configuration file for clamav-milter
clamd.conf - Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus Daemon
clamsmtpd.conf - the configuration file for clamsmtpd(8)
classes.conf - class configuration file for cups
client.conf - client configuration file for cups
clientlaunch.cfg - Task definitions for the hobbitlaunch utility
client-local.cfg - Local configuration settings for Xymon clients
clients.conf - FreeRADIUS client configuration
clients - RADIUS clients file
.cloginrc - clogin configuration file
cluster.conf - configuration file for cman, fence, dlm, gfs, rgmanager
cman - cluster.conf cman configuration section
cmtab - static information about filesystems managed by cryptmount
collectd.conf - Configuration for the system statistics collection
collectd-email - Documentation of collectd's "email plugin"
collectd-exec - Documentation of collectd's "exec plugin"
collectd-java - Documentation of collectd's "java plugin"
collectd-perl - Documentation of collectd's "perl plugin"
collectd-python - Documentation of collectd's "python plugin"
collectd-snmp - Documentation of collectd's "snmp plugin"
collectd-unixsock - Documentation of collectd's "unixsock plugin"
colorgccrc - configuration file for colorgcc
Compose - X client mappings for multi-key input sequences
conf - LAM node process schema - console configuration file for conserver(8)
conserver.passwd - user access information for conserver(8)
console-log.conf - Main configuration file for console-log
CONSTANTS - constants for LAM Fortran programming
control.ctl - Specify handling of Usenet control messages
core - core dump file
corosync.conf - corosync executive configuration file
cpio - format of cpio archive files
cpm - CP/M disk and file system format
cpu.conf - cpu configuration file
cpufreqd.conf - configuration file for cpufreqd(1)
crafty.rc, .craftyrc - run control for crafty(6)
crontab - tables for driving cron
crypttab - static information about encrypted filesystems
csv1 - Format of the csv1 zone file that MaraDNS uses
csv2 - Description of the csv2 zone file that MaraDNS uses
csv2_txt - Description of txt and raw resource records in the csv2 zone
cupsd.conf - server configuration file for cups
snmp.conf - snmp configuration file for cups
cupt_vs_apt - overview of things Cupt and APT differ in
~/.curves - CurVeS preferences file
cvs-autoreleasedeb.conf - Configuration for cvs-autoreleasedeb
cvsd.conf - configuration file for cvsd.
cvsdeb.conf - site-wide configuration file for cvs-buildpackage and
cvsgraph.conf - CVS/RCS repository grapher configuration
cvs - Concurrent Versions System support files
cvs - Concurrent Versions System support files
cycbuff.conf - Configuration file for INN CNFS storage method
cyclades-devices - tables for driving cyclades-serial-client
cyrus.conf - Cyrus configuration file
dante.conf - socks client configuration file syntax
danted.conf - Dante server configuration file syntax
darkice.cfg - configuration file for darkice
databases - the known set of GNATS databases
dat.conf - configuration file for static registration of user-level DAT
davfs2.conf - Configuration file for mount.davfs
dbconfig - GNATS database configuration file
dbmail.conf - configuration file for DBMail, the Database Mailer.
.ddtcrc - ddtc script configuration file.
debconf.conf - debconf configuration file
deb-control - Debian packages' master control file format
deb-extra-override - Debian archive extra override file
deb - Debian binary package format
deb-old - old style Debian binary package format
debomatic.conf - Configuration file for debomatic
deb-override - Debian archive override file
deb-shlibs - Debian shared library information file
deb-split - Debian multi-part binary package format
deb-substvars - Debian source substitution variables
deb-symbols - Debian's extended shared library information file
deb-triggers - package triggers
deb-version - Debian package version number format
/etc/decnet.conf - DECnet hosts file
/etc/decnet.proxy - DECnet proxy file
deejayd.conf - Site-wide configuration file for deejayd, a media player
default.cfg - Chocolate Doom configuration file - PulseAudio Sound Server Startup Script
delo.conf - configuration file for delo
/etc/deluser.conf - configuration file for deluser(8) and delgroup(8).
depmod.conf, depmod.d - Configuration file/directory for depmod
detect.conf - provides the configuration for detection of locations for whereami
detoxrc - configuration file for detox(1)
detox.tbl - translation table for detox(1)
devscripts.conf - configuration file for the devscripts package
dgenrc - file containing settings for dgen(1)
dhclient.conf - DHCP client configuration file
dhclient.leases - DHCP client lease database
dhcp6c.conf - DHCPv6 client configuration file
dhcp6s.conf - DHCPv6 server configuration file
dhcpd.conf - dhcpd configuration file
dhcpd.leases - DHCP client lease database
dhcp-eval - ISC DHCP conditional evaluation
dhcp-options - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol options - configuration file for dhcp_probe
dialrules - HylaFAX dial string processing rules
dictionary - RADIUS dictionary file
dir_colors - configuration file for dircolors(1)
directfbrc - DirectFB configuration file
dirvish.conf - dirvish configuration file.
discover.conf - configuration file format for discover(1)
discover-modprobe.conf - configuration file for discover-modprobe(5)
disklist - List of partitions to back up for Amanda
distrib.pats - Default values for the Distribution: header
distributions - Recommended values for the Distribution: header
dkim-filter.conf - Configuration file for dkim-filter
/etc/dnetd.conf - DECnet objects file
dnssec-tools.conf - Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools programs.
doneq/q* - HylaFAX outbound job description
dot-courier - Local mail delivery instructions
dot-spop3d - user configuration data for The Solid POP3 Server.
dpkg.cfg - dpkg configuration file - Debian package upload tool configuration file
dracut.conf - configuration file for dracut
dradio - Danmarks Radio netradio player configuration file
drbd.conf - Configuration file for DRBD's devices .
DSA - Digital Signature Algorithm
dsbl.conf - configuration file for all DSBL testers
dselect.cfg - dselect configuration file
dsh.conf - configuration file for distributed shell, or dancer’s shell
dtaus - Converter for DTAUS files
dupload.conf - configuration file for dupload
dupload.conf - configuration file for dupload
dutch - a list of Dutch words
dvdwizard.conf - configuration file for DVDwizard
e2fsck.conf - Configuration file for e2fsck
ecasoundrc - ecasound rcfile
editrc - configuration file for editline library
eftaccess - eftd configuration file
efthosts - eftd individual user host access file
eft_wuauth - authentication for eftp4linux Eurofile server based on
eft_xferlog - EFT server logfile
ekeyd.conf - entropy key configuration
elf - format of Executable and Linking Format (ELF) files
elinks.conf - ELinks configuration file
elinkskeys - keybindings for ELinks
elza.def — elza(1) configuration file - - configuration file for emil(1)
epm.list - epm list file format.
epylog.conf - epylog configuration
epylog-modules - epylog module cofiguration.
esmtprc - esmtp configuration file.
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
ethers - Ethernet address to IP number database
etter.conf - Ettercap configuration file
eucalyptus.conf, eucalyptus.local.conf - configuration files for
eucalyptus.conf, eucalyptus.local.conf - configuration files for
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
exim4_files - Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages
expire.ctl - Configuration file for article expiration
exports - NFS file systems being exported (for Kernel based NFS)
faillog - login failure logging file
fair.conf - configuration file for the carrousel and transponder daemons
fam.conf - The File Alteration Monitor (FAM) configuration file
faubackup.conf - Configuration for faubackup(8)
fax.conf - configuration of the CapiSuite fax services
faxqueue - sendfax fax spool queue control files
fb.modes - frame buffer modes file
fcron.conf - configuration file for fcron and fcrontab
fcrontab - tables for driving fcron
fdm.conf - fdm configuration file
feed2imaprc - feed2imap configuration file
ffproxy.conf - filtering HTTP/HTTPS proxy server configuration file
fiaif.conf - fiaif global configuration file
FileLog - Traces File Server operations
filesystems - Linux file-system types: minix, ext, ext2, ext3,
rules.filter - Input format for filtergen packet filter compiler
findlib.conf - [Configuration of findlib/ocamlfind]
firehol.conf - Configuration file for firehol(1)
first - output data file format
/etc/flexbackup.conf - a flexible backup/archiving tool configuration
fluxbox-apps - per-window attribute configuration for fluxbox(1)
fluxbox-keys - keyboard shortcuts configuration for fluxbox(1)
fluxbox-menu - fluxbox(1) menu syntax
fluxbox-style - A comprehensive look at styles/themes for fluxbox(1).
fmtutil.cnf - configuration file for fmtutil
/etc/fodtrack.conf - Configuration file for fodtrack rotor driver
FontDataBase - database of fonts accessible to t1lib.
fonts.conf - Font configuration files
FORCESALVAGE - Forces salvage of entire partition
forktracer.conf - apt-forktracer configuration file
fpc.cfg - Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) configuration file, name derived
Makefile.fpc - Configuration file for fpcmake.
freeipmi.conf - specify default values to FreeIPMI
freetds.conf - configuration file for FreeTDS
french - a list of french words
freshclam.conf - Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus database update
frox.conf - configuration file for frox ftp proxy.
filesystems - Linux file-system types: minix, ext, ext2, ext3,
$HOME/.config/fsniper/config - user configuration file for fsniper
fstab - static information about the filesystems
HOWTO: Master/Local repositories - Please read the HOWTO: Backup first,
Further options for FSVS. - FSVS understands some other options, that
Format of URLs - The given URLs are ’overlayed’ according to their
ftpaccess - ftpd configuration file
ftpchroot - file which lists users who need to be chrooted
ftpconversions - ftpd conversions database
ftphosts - ftpd individual user host access file
ftp-proxy.conf - configuration file for FTP-Proxy
ftpservers - ftpd virtual hosting configuration specification file
ftpusers - file which lists users who are not allowed to use ftp
fusesmb.conf - the configuration file for fusesmb
fzdefaults.xml - Default options for FileZilla
irish - flag format for Irish Ispell dictionaries
gaelic - a list of Scots Gaelic words
gai.conf - getaddrinfo(3) configuration file
galician-minimos - a list of Galician words, using the "minimos"
gammurc - gammu(1) configuration file
gammu-smsdrc - gammu-smsd(1) configuration file
gbsplayrc - Gameboy sound player configuration file
$(sysconfdir)/libgda/config - libgda global configuration file.
generic - Postfix generic table format
genisoimagerc - startup configuration file for genisoimage
gfarm2.conf - Gfarm configuration file
ggz.modules - GGZ Gaming Zone module configuration file
giFTcurs.conf - giFTcurs configuration file
gimprc - gimp configuration file
gimprc - gimp configuration file
gitattributes - defining attributes per path
githooks - Hooks used by git
gitignore - Specifies intentionally untracked files to ignore
gitmodules - defining submodule properties
gitrepository-layout - Git Repository Layout
gkrellkam-list - format of the list description files used by GKrellKam
boom.cfg, glboom.cfg - Configuration file for PrBoom v2.1.0 onwards
glhackrc - Configuration file for the glHack game
gmond.conf - configuration file for ganglia monitoring daemon (gmond)
gnunet.conf - GNUnet client configuration file
gnunetd.conf - GNUnet daemon configuration file
gogoc.conf - gogoCLIENT Configuration File
gopherrc - configuration file for gopher(1)
gosa.conf - GOsa configuration file
gpm.conf - startup configuration file for gpm
greylist.conf - milter-greylist configuration file
groff_font - format of groff device and font description files
groff_out - groff intermediate output format
groff_tmac - macro files in the roff typesetting system
grossd.conf - Greylisting of Suspicious Sources daemon configuration
group.conf - configuration file for the pam_group module
group - user group file
gshadow - shadowed group file
gtkwaverc - GTKWave Configuration File - Configuration file for the Heartbeat cluster messaging layer
halt - variables that affect the behavior of the shutdown scripts
hdparm.conf - Debian configuration file for hdparm
hdup.conf - the hdup configuration file
header_checks - Postfix built-in content inspection
hesiod.conf - Configuration file for the Hesiod library
hgignore - syntax for Mercurial ignore files
hgrc - configuration files for Mercurial
hibernate.conf - configuration file for the hibernate script
history - record of current and recently expired Usenet articles
hmrc - Hypermail configuration file
hobbit-alerts.cfg - Configuration for for hobbitd_alert module
hobbitcgi.cfg - Command-line parameters for the Xymon CGI tools
hobbitclient.cfg - Xymon client environment variables
hobbit-clients.cfg - Configuration file for the hobbitd_client module
hobbitgraph.cfg - Configuration of the hobbitgraph CGI
hobbitlaunch.cfg - Task definitions for the hobbitlaunch utility
hobbit-nkview.cfg - Configuration of the hobbitgraph CGI
hobbitserver.cfg - Xymon environment variables
Xymon web page headers, footers and forms. -
host.conf - resolver configuration file
hosts_access - format of host access control files
hosts_access - format of host access control files
hosts.conf - Access control for Network UPS Tools CGI programs
hosts_access - format of host access control files
/etc/hosts.equiv - list of hosts and users that are granted "trusted" r
hosts.hfaxd - HylaFAX client access control list
hosts - The static table lookup for hostnames
hosts.nntp, hosts.nntp.nolimit - list of hosts that feed NNTP news
hosts_options - host access control language extensions
html2psrc - configuration file format for html2ps(1)
html2textrc - formatting properties file for html2text(1)
config - HylaFAX configuration database
info - remote device capability database
log/* - session log files
HylaFAX - introduction to HylaFAX server operation and file formats
etc/shutdown - server shutdown control file
iauth.conf - The Internet Relay Chat Authentication Configuration File
ibid.ini - Configuration file for Ibid
ibm_hosts - host database for x3270 and c3270
/etc/ietd.conf - configuration for iSCSI Enterprise Target Daemon
/etc/netscript/network.conf - interface, firewalling, and QoS
ifplugd.conf - ifplugd configuration file
ignore.list - websec url monitoring configuration
iked.conf - Internet Key Exchange Daemon Configuration File
imapd.conf - IMAP configuration file
imapfilter_config - imapfilter configuration file
imdbgetrc — Configuration for imdb-get(1). -
inadyn.conf - configuration for the inadyn client for open DNS servers.
incoming.conf - Configuration of incoming news feeds
/etc/incron.conf - main config file for inotify cron (incron)
incrontab - tables for driving inotify cron (incron)
indexer.conf - configuration file for indexer
info - readable online documentation
init - Upstart init daemon job configuration
initramfs.conf - configuration file for mkinitramfs
inittab - init daemon configuration
inn.conf - Configuration data for InterNetNews programs
innfeed.conf - configuration file for innfeed
innwatch.ctl - control Usenet supervision by innwatch
input - input data file format
interface-order - resolvconf configuration file
/etc/network/interfaces - network interface configuration for ifup and
intro - Introduction to file formats
/etc/netscript/network.conf - interface, firewalling, and QoS
/etc/netscript/ipfilter-defs - netscript ipfilter-defs compile
ipfm.conf - IP Flow Meter configuration file
ipmidetect.conf - specify alternate default values for the ipmidetect
ipmidetectd.conf - ipmidetectd configuration file
ipmi_monitoring_sensors.conf - specify sensor interpretation rules
ippl.conf - IP Protocols Logger configuration file
ipsec.conf - IPsec configuration and connections
ipsec_eroute - list of existing eroutes
ipsec_klipsdebug - list KLIPS (kernel IPSEC support) debug features and
ipsec_pf_key - lists PF_KEY sockets registered with KLIPS
ipsec.secrets - secrets for IKE/IPsec authentication
ipsec_spigrp - list IPSEC Security Association groupings
ipsec_spi - list IPSEC Security Associations
ipsec_tncfg - lists IPSEC virtual interfaces attached to real
trap_count - KLIPS statistic on number of ACQUIREs
trap_sendcount - KLIPS statistic on number of successful ACQUIREs
ipsec_version - lists KLIPS version information
ipsvd-instruct - format of the ipsvd(8) instructions directory
iptotal_config - iptotal configuration file
ipwatchd.conf - Configuration file of IPwatchD daemon
irish - a list of Irish words
irmp3d.conf - Configuration file for irmp3d
isakmpd.conf - configuration file for isakmpd
isakmpd.policy - policy configuration file for isakmpd
/etc/isdn/isdn.conf - config file for isdnlog
isdnformat - common isdn config file format
/var/lib/isdn/calls - isdn log file
/etc/isdn/isdnlog.users - user base isdnlog config file
isodump - format of IEEE 1394 isochronous packets dump file
ispell - format of ispell dictionaries and affix files
issue - prelogin message and identification file - identification file for telnet sessions
italian - a list of italian words
IvmConfigActions.xml - actions to be performed by ivman(8)
IvmConfigBase.xml - options affecting the running of ivman(8)
IvmConfigConditions.xml - rules for processing hardware conditions by
IvmConfigProperties.xml - device properties to be monitored by ivman(8)
jabber.xml - jabberd daemon configuration file
jailer.conf - configuration file of jailer
jazip.conf - jazip(1) configuration file.
jfbterm.conf - configuration file for jfbterm(1)
jng - JPEG Network Graphics (JNG) sub-format
jython.conf - Jython registry for system-wide options
kanif.conf - configuration file for kanif
kdc.conf - Kerberos V5 KDC configuration file
kcm-tablet - kcm module that implements a GUI for the Wacom Linux
kdm.options - configuration options for X display manager
/etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf - configuration file for keepalived
kernel-img.conf - site wide configuration file for kernel image
kernel-package - A system for creating kernel related packages
kernel-pkg.conf - configuration file for make-kpkg
KeyFile - Defines AFS server encryption keys
keymaps - keyboard table descriptions for loadkeys and dumpkeys
keynote - assertion format
kismet.conf - Wireless sniffing and monitoring configuration file
kismet_drone.conf - Wireless sniffing and monitoring drone
kismet_ui.conf - Wireless sniffing and monitoring configuration file
kloned.conf - The configuration file for the kloned daemon
krb5.conf - Kerberos configuration file
krb.conf - Configures the kerberos realm to AFS cell mapping
l2tp-secrets - L2TPD secrets file
labrea.conf - labrea(1) configuration file
lam-helpfile - LAM help message file
latd.conf - LAT configuration file
lcdproc-config - format of LCDproc’s configuration files
lcovrc - lcov configuration file
ldap.conf, .ldaprc - LDAP configuration file/environment variables
ldapscripts - Scripts to manage POSIX accounts in your LDAP directory.
ldap_table - Postfix LDAP client configuration
ldif - LDAP Data Interchange Format
ledcontrol.conf - configuration file for ledd’s default startup script
ledd.conf - configuration file for the LED control daemon
lg.conf - looking glass configuration file
lgrindef - LGrind’s language definition data base
libao.conf - configuration for libao.
libarchive-formats - archive formats supported by the libarchive library
xforms - A GUI Toolkit for X Window Systems
gfshare_ctx_init_enc, etc. - Shamir Secret Sharing
libgii.conf - LibGII configuration file format
libuser.conf - configuration for libuser and libuser utilities
libvga.config, svgalibrc - the svgalib configuration file
lilo.conf - configuration file for lilo
limits.conf - configuration file for the pam_limits module
linkcheckerrc - configuration file for LinkChecker
lj4_font - groff fonts for use with devlj4
llgalrc - Configuration file for llgal
config - Configuration file for lltag
formats - Internal formats database file for lltag
lmhosts - The Samba NetBIOS hosts file
locale.alias - Locale name alias data base
locale - Describes a locale definition file
locatedb - front-compressed file name database
log2mail.conf describes the configuration file options for log2mail(8). -
login.defs - shadow password suite configuration
/etc/logindevperm - configuration file for
logprof.conf - configuration file for expert options that modify the
londiste - PostgreSQL replication engine written in python
lpd.conf - configuration file for the LPRng line printer spooler system
lpd.perms - permissions control file for the LPRng line printer spooler
lrzip.conf - Configuration File for lrzip
lsmboxrc - configuration file for lsmbox
lsyncd.conf.xml - xconfig file for lsyncd
lts.conf - Main configuration file for LTSP
lvm.conf - Configuration file for LVM2
lwatch.conf — configuration file for lwatch(1), syntax highlighting -
lwip_radv.conf - configuration file for the LWIPV6a router advertising
lxc.conf - linux container configuration file
lyskom - LysKOM database format
mac-vendor - Ethernet vendor file for arp-scan
magic - file command’s magic pattern file
mailcap - metamail capabilities file
/etc/mailcap.order - the mailcap ordering specifications
maildir - E-mail directory
maildir - E-mail directory
mailfilterex - Mailfilter configuration file examples
mailfilterrc - Mailfilter configuration file
mailname - the visible mail name of the system
mailreader.cfg - configuration files for
mailto.conf - configuration file for cups email notifier
mairixrc - configuration file for mairix(1)
mandos-clients.conf - Configuration file for the Mandos server
mandos.conf - Configuration file for the Mandos server
manpath - format of the /etc/manpath.config file
manx - a list of Manx Gaelic words
mararc - Format of the mararc zone file that MaraDNS uses
masqmail.aliases - masqmail alias file format
masqmail.conf - masqmail configuration file
masqmail.get - masqmail get configuration file
masqmail.route - masqmail route configuration file
master - Postfix master process configuration file format
mathopd.conf - Configuration file for the Mathopd HTTP server
matrix.conf - configuration file
mbot.conf — mbot configuration file -
mbox - Format for mail message storage.
mdadm.conf - configuration for management of Software RAID with mdadm
mdbCharsetList - List of character set definitions
mdbCodingList - List of coding system definitions
mdbDir - List of data in a database directory.
mdbFLT - Font Layout Table
mdbFontEncoding - Font Encoding
mdbFontset - Fontset
mdbFontSize - Font Size
mdbGeneral - General Format
mdbIM - Input Method
mdbTutorialIM - Tutorial of input method
mdoc - Mono Documentation XML Format
menufile - entry in the Debian menu system
metafile - graphics command interface, similar to plot(5)
META - [File that specifies metainformation of OCaml packages]
mh-alias - alias file for nmh message system
mhc - Message Harmonized Calendaring system
mh-draft - draft folder facility for nmh message system
mh-format - format file for nmh message system
mh-mail - message format for nmh message system
mh-profile - user profile customization for nmh message handler
mh-sequence - sequence specification for nmh message system
mh-tailor, mts.conf - mail transport customization for nmh message
mime.convs - mime type conversion file for cups
mimedefang-filter - Configuration file for MIMEDefang mail filter.
mime.types - mime type description file for cups
miredo.conf - configuration for Miredo
miredo-server.conf - configuration for miredo-server
mke2fs.conf - Configuration file for mke2fs
mlocate.db - a mlocate database
MMDF - Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility mailbox format
mng - Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) format
moderators - Submission addresses for moderated groups
modprobe.d, modprobe.conf - Configuration directory/file for modprobe
modprobe.d, modprobe.confmodprobe.conf — Configuration directory/file -
modules.dep.bin, modules.dep - Module dependency information
/etc/modules - kernel modules to load at boot time
moduli - Diffie Hellman moduli
mono-config - Mono runtime file format configuration
motd - message of the day - Message of the day information for readers
motd.tail - Template for building the system message of the day
mpd.conf - Music Player Daemon configuration file
mps - file format for linear programming problems
mtailrc - Configuration file for monkeytail
mtools.conf - mtools configuration files
mtools.conf - mtools configuration files
mtree - format of mtree dir hierarchy files
mh-tailor, mts.conf - mail transport customization for nmh message
multipath.conf - multipath daemon configuration file
munin.conf - Munin configuration file
munin-node.conf - Munin-node configuration file
muttrc - Configuration file for the Mutt Mail User Agent
mysql_table - Postfix MySQL client configuration
named.conf - configuration file for named
namespace.conf - the namespace configuration file
nanorc - GNU nano’s rcfile
nanoweb.conf - Nanoweb main configuration file
naslist - RADIUS naslist file
/etc/nbd-server/config - configuration file for nbd-server
netatalk.conf - Configuration file used by netatalk(8) to determine its
netgroup - specify network groups
NetInfo - Defines machine interfaces to register with AFS servers
netrc - user configuration for ftp
NetRestrict - Defines interfaces not to register with AFS servers
netrikrc - netrik configuration file
/etc/netscript/network.conf - interface, firewalling, and QoS
/etc/netscript/network.conf - interface, firewalling, and QoS
NetworkManager.conf - NetworkManager configuration file
networks - network name information
newsfeeds - Determine where Usenet articles are sent
newsgroups - List of newsgroups and their short descriptions
newslog - Description of INN log files
nfs4_acl - NFSv4 Access Control Lists
nfs - fstab format and options for the nfs and nfs4 file systems
ngircd.conf - configuration file of ngIRCd
/var/yp/nicknames - nickname translation table for NIS maps
nilfs_cleanerd.conf - nilfs_cleanerd(8) configuration file
nisplus_table - Postfix NIS+ client
nm-system-settings.conf - Deprecated NetworkManager configuration file
nnrp.access - access file for on-campus NNTP sites
nnrpd.track - file to specify hosts to be tracked by nnrpd.
nntpsend.ctl - list of sites to feed via nntpsend
NoAuth - Disables authorization checking
node.conf - LinuxNode configuration file.
node.perms - LinuxNode permissions file.
nologin - prevent unprivileged users from logging into the system
nrbroadcast - NET/ROM routing broadcast configuration file.
nrports - NET/ROM port configuration file.
nscd.conf - configuration file for Name Service Caching Daemon
nsd.conf - NSD configuration file
nslcd.conf - configuration file for LDAP nameservice daemon
nss_ldap - LDAP nameservice provider
nsswitch.conf - System Databases and Name Service Switch configuration
ntp.conf - NTP server configuration file
ntpd.conf - Network Time Protocol daemon configuration file
nuclient.conf - nuauth client configuration file
nvram-wakeup.conf - the configuration file for NVRAM WakeUp.
nwclient - configuration file for NWClient program suite
ocaml-gettext - common options to manage internationalisation in OCaml
oidentd.conf - The oidentd configuration file.
oidentd_masq.conf - oidentd IP masquerading/NAT configuration file.
olsrd.conf - configuration file for olsrd(8)
olvwmrc - Resource file for the OPEN LOOK Virtual Window Manager
openais.conf - openais executive configuration file
opendkim.conf - Configuration file for opendkim
openerp_serverrc - configuration file for OpenERP
openerp_serverrc - configuration file for OpenERP
opneser.cfg - openser configuration file
[/etc/]opiekeys - OPIE database of user key information
optimise - output data file formats
oroborusrc - oroborus(1) configuration file.
orpierc is the configuration textfile for the orpie(1) console -
outlook.pst - format of MS Outlook .pst file
output - output data file formats
ovdb - Overview storage method for INN
overview.fmt - format of news overview database
pacorc - configuration file for paco
pagermap - SNPP pager identifier mapping file
pagesizes - HylaFAX page size definitions
pam_afs_session - AFS PAG and token PAM module
pam.conf, pam.d - PAM configuration files
pam.conf, pam.d - PAM configuration files
pam_env.conf - the environment variables config file
pam - portable arbitrary map file format
pam_krb5 - Kerberos v5 PAM module
pam_ldap - LDAP pluggable authentication module
pam_mount.conf - Description of the pam_mount configuration file
papd.conf - Configuration file used by papd(8) to determine the
papersize - specify preferred paper size
partimagedusers - list of allowed users.
passwd - the password file
passwd.nntp - Passwords for connecting to remote NNTP servers
passwdqc.conf - libpasswdqc configuration file
pbm - portable bitmap file format
pbuilderrc - configuration files for personal package builder
pbuilder-uml.conf - configuration file for user-mode-linux port of
pcap-savefile - libpcap savefile format
pcre_table - format of Postfix PCRE tables
pdmenurc - menu definitions file for pdmenu
pdnsd.conf - The configuration file for pdnsd
perditiondb - perdition modular popmap support
ipsec_pf_key - lists PF_KEY sockets registered with KLIPS
pfqueue.conf - pfqueue configuration file
PGACheckSum - maps a string to a number to be used a verification check
PGAGetBestIndex - returns the index of the string with the best
PGAGetRandomSeed - returns the integer to seed random numbers with
PGAGetWorstIndex - returns the index of the string with the worst
PGAHammingDistance - Calculates the mean Hamming distance for a
PGAMean - calculates the mean value of an array of elements
PGARandom01 - generates a uniform random number on the interval [0,1)
PGARandomFlip - flip a biased coin and return PGA_TRUE if the coin is a
PGARandomGaussian - returns an approximation to a Gaussian random
PGARandomInterval - returns a uniform random number on the specified
PGARandomUniform - returns a uniform random number on the interval
PGARound - Mathematically round a double to an integer, using 0.5 as
PGASetRandomSeed - set a seed for the random number generator.
PGAStddev - calculates the standard deviation of an array of elements
pgbouncer - Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL.
pgm - portable graymap file format
pgsql_table - Postfix PostgreSQL client configuration
pg_staging - Prepare a staging environment from http accessible backups
pingd.conf - configuration file for the Echolot ping daemon
pk_config_data - Configuration file for pkcsslotd.
pkcs15-profile - format of profile for pkcs15-init
pkspxy.conf - The PKS proxy server configuration file
/etc/cvsnt/Plugins - Configuration file for protocols and external
pmk.conf - premake configuration file
pmkfile - pmk specification file
PMK Syntax - PMK files syntax manual
png - Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format
pnm - portable anymap file format
po4a-build.conf - configuration file for building translated content
python-policyd-spf - pure-Python Postfix policy daemon for SPF checking
python-policyd-spf - pure-Python Postfix policy daemon for SPF checking
policyd-weight.conf - policyd-weight configuration parameters
PolicyKit.conf - PolicyKit configuration file
polish - a list of Polish words
portsentry.conf - portsentry´s main configuration file
postconf - Postfix configuration parameters
postfix-wrapper - Postfix multi-instance API
~/.postgresqlrc - Per-user PostgreSQL cluster configuration
powerman.conf - configuration file for PowerMan - PowerMan device specification files
ppdcfile - cups ppd compiler source file format
ppm - portable pixmap file format
pptpd.conf - PPTP VPN daemon configuration - main Prayer configuration file
boom.cfg, glboom.cfg - Configuration file for PrBoom v2.1.0 onwards
prdb.DB0, prdb.DBSYS1 - Contain the Protection Database and associated
printcap - printer capability data base
printers.conf - printer configuration file for cups
print.ini — survex printer settings -
proc - process information pseudo-file system
procmailex - procmail rcfile examples
procmailrc - procmail rcfile
procmailsc - procmail weighted scoring technique
The .procmeterrc configuration file for procmeter3, procmeter3-xaw, -
procschema - LAM process schema format
projects - persistent project root defintion
projid - the project name mapping file
protocols - the protocols definition file
proxsmtpd.conf - the configuration file for proxsmtpd(8)
/etc/cvsnt/PServer - CVSNT Server and Lock Server configuration file
pslave.conf - configuration file for portslave(8)
ptop.cfg - The ptop source-beautifier configuration file.
pulse-client.conf - PulseAudio client configuration file
pulse-daemon.conf - PulseAudio daemon configuration file
on Sat Aug 28 14:00:20 -0700 2010) -
pwrkap_aggregate - Configuration file for pwrkap_aggregate
qdisk - a disk-based quorum daemon for CMAN / Linux-Cluster
/etc/netscript/network.conf - interface, firewalling, and QoS
Quantize - ImageMagick’s color reduction algorithm.
r2test.conf - OpenR2 r2test program configuration file
rabbitmq.conf - default settings for RabbitMQ AMQP server
racoon.conf - configuration file for racoon
racoon-tool.conf - configuration file for racoon-tool(8).
radarerc - Configuration file for radare
radius.conf - Configuration for nnrpd RADIUS authenticator
radiusd_attributes - extended users attributes
radiusd.conf - configuration file for the FreeRADIUS server
radrelay.conf - configuration file for the FreeRADIUS server "radrelay"
radvd.conf - configuration file of the router advertisement daemon
ragator.conf - ragator flow model definitions.
rancid.conf - rancid environment configuration file
ranonymize.conf - ranonymize(1) configuration file.
rarc - ra client resource file.
rate-files - Format of rate-files
"razor-agent.conf" - Configuration file for Razor Agents
Razor-Agents - Collection of files for checking, reporting, and
"razor-whitelist" - Format for Vipul’s Razor Whitelist
rcsfile - format of RCS file
rcS - variables that affect the behavior of boot scripts
reader.conf - configuration file for pcscd readers' drivers
readers.conf - Access control and configuration for nnrpd
recoll.conf - main personal configuration file for Recoll
recvq/fax* - received facsimile document format
regexp_table - format of Postfix regular expression tables
relocated - Postfix relocated table format
reportbug.conf - The configuration file for reportbug
request-key.conf - Instantiation handler configuration file
resolv.conf - resolver configuration file
resolv.conf - resolver configuration file
rhosts - allow rlogin, rsh and rcp connections to the local machine
rip98d.conf - control RIP98 routing messages.
rlinetd.conf - rlinetd configuration file
rlm_acct_unique - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_always - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_attr_filter - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_attr_rewrite - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_chap - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_counter - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_detail - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_digest - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_expr - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_files - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_mschap - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_pap - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_passwd - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_policy - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_realm - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_sql - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_sql_log - FreeRADIUS Module
rlm_unix - FreeRADIUS Module
rlprrc - remote printing resource file
rndc.conf - rndc configuration file
router.db - rancid group configuration file
rpc - rpc program number data base
rplay.conf - rplay sound database
rplay.helpers - rplay helper applications
rplay.hosts - rplay host authentication database
rplay.servers - rplay servers database
rpld.conf - rpld configuration file
rrdcollect.conf -- RRDcollect configuration file. -
rsl - GRAM5 RSL Attributes
rsports - Rose port configuration file.
/etc/rssh.conf - configuration file for rssh
rsyncd.conf — configuration file for rsync in daemon mode -
rsyslog.conf - rsyslogd(8) configuration file
rtcm-104 - RTCM-104 dump format emitted by GPSD tools
runinfo - Format of the .runinfo files used by xeno-load(1) to execute
rxecho.conf - control rxecho AX.25 packet routing.
SALVAGE.fs - Triggers salvaging of AFS server partitions
salvage.lock - Prevents multiple simultaneous salvage operations on a
SalvageLog - Traces Salvager operations
samhainrc - samhain(8) configuration file
sane-abaton - SANE backend for Abaton flatbed scanners
sane-agfafocus - SANE backend for AGFA Focus flatbed scanners
sane-apple - SANE backend for Apple flatbed scanners
sane-artec_eplus48u - SANE backend for the scanner Artec E+ 48U and re-
sane-artec - SANE backend for Artec flatbed scanners
sane-as6e - SANE backend for using the Artec AS6E parallel port
sane-avision - SANE backend for original Avision and Avision OEM
sane-bh - SANE backend for Bell+Howell Copiscan II series document
sane-canon630u - SANE backend for the Canon 630u USB flatbed scanner
sane-canon_dr - SANE backend for Canon DR-series scanners
sane-canon - SANE backend for Canon SCSI scanners
sane-canon_pp - SANE backend for Canon CanoScan Parallel Port flatbed
sane-cardscan - SANE backend for Corex CardScan usb scanners
sane-coolscan2 - SANE backend for Nikon Coolscan film scanners
sane-coolscan3 - SANE backend for Nikon Coolscan film scanners
sane-coolscan - SANE backend for Nikon film-scanners
sane-dc210 - SANE backend for Kodak DC210 Digital Camera
sane-dc240 - SANE backend for Kodak DC240 Digital Camera
sane-dc25 - SANE backend for Kodak DC20/DC25 Digital Cameras
sane-dmc - SANE backend for the Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera
sane-epjitsu - SANE backend for Epson-based Fujitsu USB scanners.
sane-epson2 - SANE backend for EPSON scanners
sane-epson - SANE backend for EPSON scanners
sane-fujitsu - SANE backend for Fujitsu flatbed and ADF scanners
sane-genesys - SANE backend for GL646 and GL841 based USB flatbed
sane-geniusvp2 - SANE backend for Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro II (PP)
sane-gphoto2 - SANE backend for gphoto2 supported cameras
sane-gt68xx - SANE backend for GT-68XX based USB flatbed scanners
sane-hp3500 - SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3500 series
sane-hp3900 - SANE backend for RTS8822 chipset based scanners
sane-hp4200 - SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard 4200 scanners
sane-hp5400 - SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard 54XX scanners
sane-hp5590 - SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard
sane-hp - SANE backend for HP ScanJet scanners
sane-hpljm1005 - SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard LaserJet M1005 MFP
sane-hpsj5s - SANE backend for HP ScanJet 5S sheet-fed scanner
sane-hs2p - SANE backend for Ricoh SCSI flatbed/ADF scanners
sane-ibm - SANE backend for IBM and Ricoh SCSI flatbed scanners
sane-kodak - SANE backend for big Kodak flatbed and ADF scanners
sane-kvs1025 - SANE backend for Panasonic KV-S102xC USB ADF scanners.
sane-leo - SANE backend for LEO Technologies scanners
sane-lexmark - SANE backend for Lexmark X1100/X1200 Series scanners
sane-ma1509 - SANE backend for Mustek BearPaw 1200F USB scanner
sane-matsushita - SANE backend for Panasonic KV-SS high speed scanners
sane-microtek2 - SANE backend for Microtek scanners with SCSI-2 command
sane-microtek - SANE backend for Microtek scanners
sane-mustek - SANE backend for Mustek SCSI flatbed scanners (and some
sane-mustek_pp - SANE backend for Mustek parallel port flatbed scanners
sane-mustek_usb2 - SANE backend for SQ113 based USB flatbed scanners
sane-mustek_usb - SANE backend for Mustek USB flatbed scanners
sane-nec - SANE backend for NEC scanners
sane-net - SANE network backend
sane-niash - SANE backend for scanners based on the NIASH chipset.
sane-p5 - SANE backend for the Primax PagePartner
sane-pie - SANE backend for PIE, Devcom and AdLib SCSI flatbed scanners
sane-pixma - SANE backend for Canon PIXMA Multi-Functions Printers
sane-plustek - SANE backend for LM983[1/2/3] based USB flatbed scanners
sane-plustek_pp - SANE backend for Plustek parallel port flatbed
sane-qcam - SANE backend for Connectix QuickCam cameras
sane-ricoh - SANE backend for Ricoh flatbed scanners
sane-rts8891 - SANE backend for rts8891 based scanners
sane-s9036 - SANE backend for Siemens 9036 flatbed scanners
sane-sceptre - SANE backend for SCEPTRE scanners
sane-scsi - SCSI adapter tips for scanners
sane-sharp - SANE backend for SHARP scanners
sane-sm3600 - SANE backend for Microtek scanners with M011 USB chip
sane-sm3840 - SANE backend for Microtek scanners with SCAN08 USB chip
sane-snapscan - SANE backend for AGFA SnapScan flatbed scanners
sane-sp15c - SANE backend for Fujitsu ScanPartner 15C flatbed scanner
sane-st400 - SANE backend for Siemens ST/Highscan flatbed scanners
sane-stv680 - SANE backend for STV680 camera’s
sane-tamarack - SANE backend for Tamarack flatbed scanners
sane-teco1 - SANE backend for TECO / RELISYS scanners
sane-teco2 - SANE backend for TECO / RELISYS scanners
sane-teco3 - SANE backend for TECO / RELISYS scanners
sane-test - SANE backend for testing frontends
sane-u12 - SANE backend for Plustek USB flatbed scanners, based on
sane-umax1220u - SANE backend for the UMAX Astra 1220U and similar
sane-umax - SANE backend for UMAX scanners
sane-umax_pp - SANE backend for Umax Astra parallel port flatbed
sane-usb - USB configuration tips for SANE
sane-v4l - SANE interface for Video for Linux API
sane-xerox_mfp - SANE backend for Xerox Phaser 3200MFP device
scanfile - pmkscan specification file
schroot.conf - chroot definition file for schroot
schroot-script-config - schroot chroot setup script configuration
schroot-setup - schroot chroot setup scripts
secsh - the Secure Shell protocol
securetty - file which lists ttys from which root can log in
SEESAT5.INI - operations control file for seesat5.
selabel_db - userspace SELinux labeling interface: DB objects contexts
selabel_file - userspace SELinux labeling interface: file contexts
selabel_media - userspace SELinux labeling interface: media contexts
selabel_x - userspace SELinux labeling interface: X Window System
sendq/q* - HylaFAX outbound job description
sensors.conf - libsensors configuration file
sepermit.conf - configuration file for the pam_sepermit module
ser.cfg - ser configuration file
services - Internet network services list
services.xml - libtranslate generic service definitions
sesman.ini - Configuration file for sesman(8)
setup.types - epm gui setup types file format.
access_list - Sun Grid Engine access list file format
accounting - Sun Grid Engine accounting file format
sge_aliases - Sun Grid Engine path aliases file format
bootstrap - Sun Grid Engine bootstrap file
calendar_conf - Sun Grid Engine calendar configuration file format
checkpoint - Sun Grid Engine checkpointing environment configuration
complex - Sun Grid Engine complexes configuration file format
sge_conf - Sun Grid Engine configuration files
host_aliases - Sun Grid Engine host aliases file format
host_conf - Sun Grid Engine execution host configuration file format
hostgroup - host group entry file format
sgepasswd - Sun Grid Engine password file format
sge_pe - Sun Grid Engine parallel environment configuration file format
sge_priority - Sun Grid Engine job priorities
project - Sun Grid Engine project entry file format
sge_qstat - Sun Grid Engine default qstat file format
qtask - file format of the qtask file.
queue_conf - Sun Grid Engine queue configuration file format
reporting - Sun Grid Engine reporting file format
sge_request - Sun Grid Engine default request definition file format
SGE_resource_quota - Sun Grid Engine resource quota file format
sched_conf - Sun Grid Engine default scheduler configuration file
share_tree - Sun Grid Engine share tree file format
user - Sun Grid Engine user entry file format
usermapping - user mapping entry file format
shadow - shadowed password file
SHA - Secure Hash Algorithm
shells - pathnames of valid login shells
shogun - A Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox
accounting - Shorewall6 Accounting file
actions - shorewall6 action declaration file
blacklist - shorewall6 Blacklist file
shorewall6.conf - Shorewall6 global configuration file
exclusion - Exclude a set of hosts from a definition in a shorewall6
hosts - shorewall6 file
interfaces - shorewall6 interfaces file
shorewall6-lite.conf - Shorewall6 Lite global configuration file
vardir - Shorewall6 Lite file
maclist - shorewall6 MAC Verification file
modules - shorewall6 file
nesting - shorewall6 Nested Zones
notrack - shorewall6 notrack file
params - Shorewall6 parameters file
policy - shorewall6 policy file
providers - Shorewall6 Providers file
route_rules - Shorewall6 Routing Rules file
routestopped - The Shorewall6 file that governs what traffic flows
rules - Shorewall6 rules file
tcclasses - Shorewall6 file to define HTB classes
tcdevices - Shorewall6 Traffic Shaping Devices file
tcinterfaces - Shorewall6 file
tcpri - Shorewall6 file
tcrules - Shorewall6 Packet Marking rules file
tos - Shorewall6 Type of Service rules file
tunnels - Shorewall6 VPN definition file
vardir - Shorewall6 file
zones - Shorewall6 zone declaration file
accounting - Shorewall Accounting file
actions - Shorewall action declaration file
blacklist - Shorewall Blacklist file
shorewall.conf - Shorewall global configuration file
ecn - Shorewall ECN file
exclusion - Exclude a set of hosts from a definition in a shorewall
hosts - Shorewall file
interfaces - Shorewall interfaces file
shorewall-lite.conf - Shorewall Lite global configuration file
vardir - Shorewall Lite file
maclist - Shorewall MAC Verification file
masq - Shorewall Masquerade/SNAT definition file
modules - Shorewall file
nat - Shorewall one-to-one NAT file
nesting - Shorewall Nested Zones
netmap - Shorewall NETMAP definition file
notrack - shorewall notrack file
params - Shorewall parameters file
policy - Shorewall policy file
providers - Shorewall Providers file
proxyarp - Shorewall Proxy ARP file
route_rules - Shorewall Routing Rules file
routestopped - The Shorewall file that governs what traffic flows
rules - Shorewall rules file
tcclasses - Shorewall file to define HTB classes
tcdevices - Shorewall Traffic Shaping Devices file
tcfilters - Shorewall u32 classifier rules file
tcinterfaces - Shorewall file
tcpri - Shorewall file
tcrules - Shorewall Packet Marking rules file
tos - Shorewall Type of Service rules file
tunnels - Shorewall VPN definition file
vardir - Shorewall file
zones - Shorewall zone declaration file
siggen.conf - the siggen configuration files
sigit.rc - configuration file for sigit.
silcd.conf - format of configuration file for silcd
simplebackup.conf - configuration file for simplebackup(1)
site-lib - [Location of package directories]
/proc/slabinfo - Kernel slab allocator statistics
slack.conf - configuration file for slack
slapd.access - access configuration for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP
slapd.backends - backends for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon
slapd-bdb, slapd-hdb - Berkeley DB backends to slapd
slapd.conf - configuration file for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon
slapd-config - configuration backend to slapd
slapd-dnssrv - DNS SRV referral backend to slapd
slapd-bdb, slapd-hdb - Berkeley DB backends to slapd
slapd-ldap - LDAP backend to slapd
slapd-ldbm - Discontinued LDBM backend to slapd
slapd-ldif - LDIF backend to slapd
slapd-meta - metadirectory backend to slapd
slapd-monitor - Monitor backend to slapd
slapd-ndb - MySQL NDB backend to slapd
slapd-null - Null backend to slapd
slapd.overlays - overlays for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon
slapd-passwd - /etc/passwd backend to slapd
slapd-perl - Perl backend to slapd
slapd.plugin - plugin configuration for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP
slapd-relay - relay backend to slapd
slapd-shell - Shell backend to slapd
slapd-sock - Socket backend to slapd
slapd-sql - SQL backend to slapd
slapo-accesslog - Access Logging overlay to slapd
slapo-auditlog - Audit Logging overlay to slapd
slapo-chain - chain overlay to slapd
slapo-collect - Collective attributes overlay to slapd
slapo-constraint - Attribute Constraint Overlay to slapd
slapo-dds - Dynamic Directory Services overlay to slapd
slapo-dyngroup - Dynamic Group overlay to slapd
slapo-dynlist - Dynamic List overlay to slapd
slapo-memberof - Reverse Group Membership overlay to slapd
slapo-pbind - proxy bind overlay to slapd
slapo-pcache - proxy cache overlay to slapd
slapo-ppolicy - Password Policy overlay to slapd
slapo-refint - Referential Integrity overlay to slapd
slapo-retcode - return code overlay to slapd
slapo-rwm - rewrite/remap overlay to slapd
slapo-sssvlv - Server Side Sorting and Virtual List View overlay to
slapo-syncprov - Sync Provider overlay to slapd
slapo-translucent - Translucent Proxy overlay to slapd
slapo-unique - Attribute Uniqueness overlay to slapd
slapo-valsort - Value Sorting overlay to slapd
slurm.conf - Slurm configuration file
slurmdbd.conf - Slurm Database Daemon (SlurmDBD) configuration file
smartd.conf - SMART Disk Monitoring Daemon Configuration File
smb.conf - The configuration file for the Samba suite
smbgetrc - configuration file for smbget
smbpasswd - The Samba encrypted password file
smokeping_config - Reference for the SmokePing Config File
sniffit - configuration file for sniffit (name arbirtary)
sockd.conf - SOCKS server configuration file
sockd.fc - Frozen configuration file for SOCKS server - Frozen route file for multi-homed SOCKS proxy server
sockd.route - Route file for multi-homed SOCKS proxy server
socks.conf - SOCKS clients configuration file
socks.fc - Frozen configuration file for SOCKS clients
softhsm.conf - SoftHSM configuration file
sources.list - Package resource list for APT
spamoracle.conf - SpamOracle configuration file format
spanish - a list of spanish words
SPKI - Simple Public Key Infrastructure formats
splat.conf - Scalable Periodic LDAP Attribute Transmogrifier
spop3d.conf - configuration data for The Solid POP3 Server.
srec_aomf - Intel Absolute Object Module Format
srec_ascii_hex - Ascii‐Hex file format
srec_atmel_generic - Atmel Generic file format
srec_binary - binary file format
srec_brecord - Freescale MC68EZ328 Dragonball bootstrap record format
srec_cosmac - RCA Cosmac Elf file format
srec_dec_binary - DEC Binary (XXDP) file format
srec_emon52 - Elektor Monitor (EMON52) file format
srec_fairchild - Fairchild Fairbug file format
srec_fastload - LSI Logic Fast Load file format
srec_formatted_binary - Formatted Binary file format
srec_forth - FORTH file format
srec_fpc - four packed code file format
srec - Motorola S-record record and file format
srec_intel16 - Intel Hexadecimal 16‐bit file format specification
srec_intel - Intel Hexadecimal object file format specification
srec_mif - Memory Initialization File (MIF) format
srec_mos_tech - MOS Technology file format
srec_motorola - Motorola S‐Record hexadecimal file format
srec_msbin - Windows CE Binary Image Data Format
srec_needham - Needham EMP‐series programmer ASCII file format
srec_os65v - OS65V Loader file format
srec_signetics - Signetics file format
srec_spasm - SPASM file format
srec_spectrum - Spectrum file format
srec_stewie - Stewie’s binary file format
srec_tektronix_extended - Tektronix Extended hexadecimal file format
srec_tektronix - Tektronix hexadecimal file format
srec_ti_tagged_16 - Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC 320) file format
srec_ti_tagged - Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC) file format
srec_ti_txt - Texas Instruments ti‐txt (MSP430) file format
srec_vmem - vmem file format
srec_wilson - wilson file format
ssh_config - OpenSSH SSH client configuration files
sshd_config - OpenSSH SSH daemon configuration file
ssmtp.conf - ssmtp configuration file
sssd.conf - the configuration file for SSSD
sssd-ipa - the configuration file for SSSD
sssd-krb5 - the configuration file for SSSD
sssd-ldap - the configuration file for SSSD
sssd-simple - the configuration file for SSSD's 'simple' access-control
star - tape archive file format
startup-config - configuration file for l2tpns
stationlist.xml - tvtime station configuration file
status - server status database
storage.conf - Configuration file for storage manager
/etc/apparmor/subdomain.conf - configuration file for fine-tuning the
subscriptions.conf - subscriptions file for cups
subscriptions - Default recommended subscriptions
sudoers - list of which users may execute what
sudoers.ldap - sudo LDAP configuration - database of restricted commands for super(1)
libvga.config, svgalibrc - the svgalib configuration file
svn-autoreleasedeb.conf - Configuration for svn-autoreleasedeb
svnserve.conf - Repository configuration file for svnserve
sxid.conf - configuration settings for sxid
/etc/sync-accounts - configuration file for sync-accounts
synctex - Synchronize TeXnology help file
sysctl.conf - sysctl(8) preload/configuration file
sysid - Lists file server machine interface addresses registered in
syslog.conf - syslogd(8) configuration file
syslog-ng.conf - syslog-ng configuration file
systemconfig.conf - System Configurator configuration file
tac_plus.conf - tacacs+ daemon configuration file
tapeconfig - Defines parameters for tape devices and backup data files
tapelist - The list of Amanda volumes in use
tar - format of tape archive files
tart-custom - Template format for LinuxTaRT
tartdates - Special date configuration for LinuxTaRT
task-color - A color tutorial for the task(1) command line todo
task-faq - A FAQ for the task(1) command line todo manager.
taskrc - Configuration file for the task(1) command
task-tutorial - A tutorial for the task(1) command line todo manager.
tccenv - Environments for tcc - The configuration file for the TCPQuota programs.
tcpspy.rules - configuration file for tcpspy
tcp_table - Postfix client/server table lookup protocol
tcsd.conf - configuration file for the trousers TCS daemon.
termcap - terminal capability database
term - format of compiled term file.
~/.config/terminator/config - the config file for Terminator terminal
terminfo - terminal capability data base
terms - database of blessed terminals for xtermset.
texinfo - software documentation system
ThisCell - Defines the local cell name
tigrc - tig configuration file
time.conf - configuration file for the pam_time module
timeouts - user login/idle/session time limits
timidity.cfg - configure file of TiMidity++
tinc.conf - tinc daemon configuration
tin, rtin - related files
tinyproxy.conf - Tinyproxy HTTP proxy daemon configuration file
tkconrc - TkCon resource file
tle - extension for files containing NORAD two-line orbital element
tmispell.conf - configuration file for tmispell
tmpreaper.conf - defines parameters for daily run of tmpreaper
tn5250rc - tn5250 and lp5250d configuration file
topology.conf - Slurm configuration file for defining the network
torsocks.conf - configuration file for torsocks(8)
trace-cmd.dat - trace-cmd file format
tracker-extract.cfg - Configuration file for tracker-extract
tracker-fts.cfg - Configuration file for SQLite module
tracker-miner-fs.cfg - Configuration file for tracker-miner-fs
tracker-store.cfg - Configuration file for tracker-store
Traits — Lists the traits used by the Motif Toolkit. -
transport - Postfix transport table format
trickled.conf - format of the configuration file used by trickled(8).
ts.conf - Configuration file for tslib, controlling touch screens for
tsi - Transmission Subscriber Identification (TSI) access control list
tsocks.conf - configuration file for tsocks(8)
ttylinkd.conf - ttylinkd configuration file.
tvtime.xml - tvtime configuration file
twfiles - overview of files used by Tripwire and file backup process
typerules - HylaFAX file type identification and conversion rules
types.db - Data-set specifications for the system statistics collection
tzfile - time zone information
ucf.conf - site-wide configuration file for ucf
ucimf.conf - ucimf configuration files
udhcpd.conf - udhcp server configuration file
uif.conf -
UIL — The user interface language file format -
unbound.conf - Unbound configuration file.
unlang - FreeRADIUS Processing un-language
/etc/updatedb.conf - a configuration file for updatedb(8)
update-initramfs.conf - configuration file for update-initramfs
update-motd - dynamic MOTD generation
updmap.cfg - configuration of font mapping/inclusion for dvips and
upgrade-system.conf - upgrade-system(8) configuration file
upnpd.conf - upnpd(8) configuration file
ups.conf - UPS definitions for Network UPS Tools
upsd.conf - Configuration for Network UPS Tools upsd
upsd.users - Administrative user definitions for NUT upsd
upsmon.conf - Configuration for Network UPS Tools upsmon
upssched.conf - Configuration for upssched timer program
upsset.conf - Configuration for Network UPS Tools upsset.cgi
upsstats.html - HTML template for Network UPS Tools upsstats
uptimed.conf - The configuration file for uptimed(8)
url.list - websec url monitoring configuration
urls.txt - URL database for regression testing
user_clusters - File linking users to PostgreSQL clusters
UserList - Defines privileged administrators
users - user authorization file for the FreeRADIUS server
utmp, wtmp - login records
utmp, wtmp - login records
uucpsend.ctl - list of sites to feed via uucpsend
uuencode - format of an encoded uuencode file
v2cc.libs - VHDL library mapping file for the FreeHDL
vbox.conf - config file for vbox
vboxd.conf - config file for vboxd (the daemon)
vboxgetty.conf - config file for vboxgetty
vbox files - file format
vboxrc - user config file for vbox
vboxtcl - tcl commands for vboxgetty
vdr_files - the Video Disk Recorder Files
vgrabbj.conf - configuration file for vgrabbj
viewospasswd - login info for kmview-umview users
vim-registry - syntax for vim-addons registry files
virt-image - Format of the virtual image XML descriptor
virtual - Postfix virtual alias table format
/etc/network/interfaces (vlan) - vlan extensions for the interfaces(5)
vldb.DB0, vldb.DBSYS1 - Contain the Volume Location Database and
VLLog - Traces Volume Location Server operations
vlock-plugins - plugin support for vlock
/etc/vmsmail.conf - VMSmail configuration file
vnstat.conf - vnStat configuration file
VolserLog - Traces Volume Server operations
vps.conf - configuration file for an OpenVZ container.
vsftpd.conf - config file for vsftpd
vtprintcap - database of terminal printer control codes
vtund.conf - VTun(Virtual Tunnel) daemon configuration file.
vz - global OpenVZ configuration file
wackamole.conf - Wackamole daemon configuration file
watchdog.conf - configuration file for the watchdog daemon
wavemonrc - wavemon configuration file
wayv.conf - configuration file for wayV
wdmlogin.conf - configuration options for wdmLogin
wdm.options - configuration options for WINGs display manager
weatherrc - configuration file format for the weather(1) utility
weborf.conf - configuration file for weborf daemon
whereami.conf — configuration file for whereami -
pygs - the PYthon Gateway Script
wicd-manager-settings.conf - contains settings that control Wicd’s
wicd-wired-settings.conf - controls Wicd’s wired network settings
wicd-wired-settings.conf - controls Wicd’s wireless network settings
wifi-radar.conf - configuration file for WiFi Radar
wiki.conf - Slurm configuration file for wiki and wiki2 scheduler
wmbiffrc - configuration file for wmbiff(1)
wmfrc - Configuration file for wmf.
WML — The widget meta-language file format for creating uil compilers -
workmanrc, workmandb - database and preferences files for workman
workmanrc, workmandb - database and preferences files for workman
wpa_supplicant.conf - configuration file for wpa_supplicant
utmp, wtmp - login records
wvdial.conf - wvdial configuration file
wwwoffle.conf - The configuration file for the proxy server for the
wwwoffle.options - configuration options for wwwoffle
wyrdrc is the configuration textfile for the wyrd(1) console calendar -
xawtvrc -- TV apps config file -
xdm.options - configuration options for the X display manager
xend-config.sxp - Xen daemon configuration file
xferfaxlog - HylaFAX activity log
xferlog - FTP server logfile
/etc/X11/xfm/xfm_dev - xfm device configuration
xfm - file format for application window contents of xfm
xfm_magic - xfm’s magic file format
xfm_mailcap - mailcap information for usage within xfm or xfmmailcap
xfm_mime.types - suffix based fall back mime type information
xforms - A GUI Toolkit for X Window Systems
xfs - layout of the XFS filesystem
xfs.options - configuration options for the X font server
xine - a free video player
xinetd.conf - Extended Internet Services Daemon configuration file
xinetd.log - xinetd service log format
xkbsel - XKB keyboard selection tool files
xl2tpd.conf - L2TPD configuration file
xmdomain.cfg - xm domain config file format
xneurrc - configuration file for XNeur
xorg.conf and xorg.conf.d - configuration files for Xorg X server
xpdfrc - configuration file for Xpdf tools (version 3.02)
xrdp.ini - Configuration file for xrdp(8)
Xsession - initialize X session
Xsession.options - configuration options for Xsession(5)
xsmbrowser-config - xSMBrowser global configuration file
xstow.ini - config file for XStow
Xwrapper.config - configuration options for X server wrapper
yagi - yagi binary output format
yaws_api - api available to yaws web server programmers
/etc/yaws/yaws.conf - Configuration file for the yaws web server
/etc/yp.conf - NIS binding configuration file
ypserv.conf - configuration file for ypserv and rpc.ypxfrd
yum.conf - Configuration file for yum(8).
yum-updatesd.conf - Configuration file for yum-updatesd(8).
YUV4MPEG2 - video stream format used by pipe-based MJPEGtools
zone.conf - fiaif zone configuration files
zos-remote.conf - the audisp-racf plugin configuration file