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       sane-u12  -  SANE  backend  for  Plustek USB flatbed scanners, based on
       older parport designs


       The sane-u12 library  implements  a  SANE  (Scanner  Access  Now  Easy)
       backend that provides access to USB flatbed scanners based on Plusteks’
       ASIC 98003 (parallel-port  ASIC)  and  a  GeneSys  Logics’  USB-parport
       bridge chip.


       The  backend  is  able  to support some early Plustek USB scanner based
       their old parport design around  the  ASIC  98003  and  other  rebadged
       Plustek devices. The following tables will give you a short overview.

       If  your Plustek scanner has another Product ID, then the device is NOT
       supported by this backend.

       Vendor Plustek - ID: 0x07B3
       Model:                   Vendor-ID:       Product-ID:
       OpticPro U12             0x07B3           0x0001
       OpticPro U1212           0x07B3           0x0001
       OpticPro UT12            0x07B3           0x0001

       Vendor KYE/Genius
       USB Model:               Vendor-ID:       Product-ID:
       ColorPage Vivid III USB  0x07B3           0x0001
       ColorPage HR6 V1         0x0458           0x2004


       To use your scanner with this backend, you need at least two entries in
       the configuration file /etc/sane.d/u12.conf
              [usb] vendor-id product-id
              device /dev/usbscanner

       [usb]   tells   the   backend,  that  the  following  devicename  (here
       /dev/usbscanner) has to  be  interpreted  as  USB  scanner  device.  If
       vendor-  and  product-id  has  not been specified, the backend tries to
       detect this by its own. If device is set to auto then the next matching
       device is used.

       The Options:

       option warmup t
              t specifies the warmup period in seconds

       option lampOff t
              t  is the time in seconds for switching off the lamps in standby

       option lOffonEnd b
              b specifies the behaviour when closing the backend, 1 --> switch
              lamps off, 0 --> do not change lamp status

       See the u12.conf file for examples.

       You  have  to make sure, that the USB subsystem is loaded correctly and
       you have access to the device-node. For more details see  sane-usb  (5)
       manpage.  You might use sane-find-scanner to check that you have access
       to your device.

       If there’s no configuration file, the backend defaults to device auto


              The backend configuration file

              The static library implementing this backend.

              The shared library implementing this backend (present on systems
              that support dynamic loading).


              This environment variable specifies the list of directories that
              may contain the configuration file.  Under UNIX, the directories
              are  separated  by a colon (‘:’), under OS/2, they are separated
              by a semi-colon  (‘;’).   If  this  variable  is  not  set,  the
              configuration  file  is  searched  in  two  default directories:
              first,  the  current  working  directory  (".")  and   then   in
              /etc/sane.d.  If the value of the environment variable ends with
              the directory separator character, then the default  directories
              are  searched  after  the explicitly specified directories.  For
              example, setting SANE_CONFIG_DIR to "/tmp/config:" would  result
              in   directories  "tmp/config",  ".",  and  "/etc/sane.d"  being
              searched (in this order).

              If the library was compiled with  debug  support  enabled,  this
              environment  variable controls the debug level for this backend.
              Higher debug levels increase the verbosity of the output.

              Example: export SANE_DEBUG_U12=10


       sane(7), sane-usb(5), sane-plustek(5),


       Please send any information and bug-reports to:
       SANE Mailing List

       Additional info and hints can be obtained from our
       Mailing-List archive at:

       or directly from the projects’ homepage at:

       To obtain debug messages from the backend, please set the  environment-
       variable  SANE_DEBUG_U12  before  calling  your  favorite scan-frontend
       (i.e. xscanimage).
       i.e.: export SANE_DEBUG_U12=20 ; xscanimage

       The value controls the verbosity of the backend.


       * The driver is in alpha state, so please don’t expect too much!!!

       * When using libusb, it might be, that  the  backend  hangs.   In  that
       case, reconnect the scanner.

                                  14 Jul 2008                      sane-u12(5)