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       kcm-tablet  -  kcm  module  that  implements  a GUI for the Wacom Linux


       kde control tablet


       kcm-tablet KDE 4 KCModule

       This module implements a GUI for the Wacom Linux Drivers and extends it
       with  profile  support  to  handle  different  button / pen layouts per

       For       hardware       support       have       a       look       at

       All  tablets  can  be set up as long as they are found via xorg.conf or
       HAL configuration.

       To use this module, find it in systemsettings,  or  alternatively  with
       kcmshell4 kcm_tablet


       kcm-tablet is developed by Jörg Ehrichs

       This manual page was written by Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer for
       the Debian project, but may be used by others.

kcm-tablet - kcm module that imple2010-01-03I for the Wacom LinuxKCM-TABLET(5)