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       clients - RADIUS clients file


       The  clients  file resides in the radius database directory, by default
       /etc/raddb. It contains a list of RADIUS clients.  Every line  starting
       with a hash sign (’#’) is treated as comment and ignored.

       Each line of the file contains two white-space delimited fields.

       client hostname
              The  RADIUS  clients hostname This may be a plain hostname, or a
              dotted-quad IP address.

       secret This is the so-called "shared secret" that  is  held  between  a
              RADIUS  server  and  client.  It is used to encrypt passwords in
              RADIUS  packets,  and  also  for  authentication.  You  need  to
              configure  the same secret on the client (terminal server) as in
              this file.

       The clients file is read by radiusd on startup only.




       radiusd(8), naslist(5rad)

                               15 September 1997