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       kanif.conf - configuration file for kanif


       $HOME/.kanif.conf, /etc/kanif.conf or /etc/c3.conf


       kanif.conf is the configuration file for kanif. It is optional and only
       helps the management of static clusters (configurations that do not
       change much over time). It mimics the syntax of C3 configuration file.

       It is composed of a sequence of one or more cluster definitions. Each
       cluster definition is made of the word "cluster" followed by the
       cluster name and, enclosed in a pair of curly braces :

       ·   the front node specification. This is either:

           ·   a simple hostname which can be reached from the inside of the
               cluster (compute nodes).

           ·   two names separated by a colon. The first name is the name used
               from the outside to log on the front node (not used by kanif).
               The second is the name used from the cluster compute nodes to
               reach the front node.

           ·   an hostname with a colon prepended. This is used for indirect
               clusters.  These are not supported by kanif at this time.

       ·   zero or more compute nodes specifications:

           ·   a simple hostname (anything that is not of the following form)

           ·   an host set made of a prefix, a range and a suffix.

           ·   an exclude directive that must follow an host set or another
               exclude directive. This is made of the word "exclude" followed
               on the same line by either a single number or an interval
               between brackets. This applies to the range of the preceding
               host set. If the exclusion is an interval, the separator
               between the word "exclude" and this exclusion is optional.

           ·   a dead node. The word "dead" followed by the name of the dead
               node on the same line.

       Notice that all nodes excluded (using exclude directives or dead nodes)
       will not take part of the deployment, but are still taken into account
       in cluster ranges when giving machines specifications to kanif (they
       are kind of placeholders). This is the interest of specifying nodes as
       dead or excluded rather than dropping them from the definitions.


         cluster megacluster {         # The # character introduce comments

         cluster supercluster {
               exclude               # The host "exclude"
               exclude 02            # "super02" is excluded
               exclude[90-95]        # "super90" to "super95" are excluded
               dead                  # The host "dead"
               dead othernode        # "othernode" is dead


       kanif(1), taktuk(1)


       The author of kanif and current maintainer of the package is Guillaume
       Huard. Acknowledgements to Lucas Nussbaum for the idea of the name


       kanif is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License
       version 2 or later.