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     gpm.conf - startup configuration file for gpm


     gpm.conf specifies options to be passed to the gpm daemon at start time.
     It is parsed by the init script, rather than by gpm itself.  It comprises
     variable assignments in Bourne shell syntax: variable=value (with no
     extra spaces; to embed spaces or other shell metacharacters in values,
     use quotes as in shell scripting).  Blank lines and lines beginning with
     a hash ("#") are ignored.

     Settings are implemented by setting flags on the gpm command line; these
     are documented in gpm(8).  The following variable names are specified:

     device        Specifies the device file for your primary mouse.  This
                   sets -m.

     type          Specifies the protocol for your primary mouse.  This sets

     device2, type2
                   The same as device and type, but for your secondary mouse.
                   These set -m and -t after passing -M.  If either of these
                   are defined, both must be.

                   Specifies the responsiveness for your primary mouse.  This
                   sets -r.

     sample_rate   Specifies the sample rate for your primary mouse.  This
                   sets -s.

     repeat_type   Enables the gpm repeater and sets the repeater protocol,
                   using the -R flag.  Repeat type none or an empty value will
                   disable the repeater.

     append        Any options specified here are appended to the gpm command
                   line.  If you use multiple options, you will need to
                   enclose the value in quotes ("").


     A simple gpm.conf file for a PS/2 mouse whose protocol should be
     autodetected, and which should be repeated in /dev/gpmdata as a serial
     Microsoft Intellimouse:

           # Sample gpm.conf


     This will cause the daemon to be started as gpm -m /dev/psaux -t autops2




     gpm(8), dpkg-reconfigure(8).  dpkg-reconfigure gpm can be used to
     generate and update the gpm.conf file automatically.