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       gkrellkam-list - format of the list description files used by GKrellKam


       GKrellKam lists describe a series of image sources, used in order or at
       random by the GKrellKam plugin. Online lists (downloadable by GKrellKam
       with HTTP) use this same syntax.

       Blank lines and comments (beginning with ’#’) in  GKrellKam  lists  are
       ignored. Every line of text that does not begin with a tab character is
       considered an image source.

       An image source can be one of several types:

       image  Sources of type image consist of a complete local filename to an
              image file.

       url    Type  url  is  just that; a ftp:// or http:// URL pointing at an
              online image file.

       script Type script  is  a  system  command,  executed  in  a  shell  by
              GKrellKam  when  it’s  time to get this image. The output of the
              command is assumed to be a complete filename of  a  local  image
              file,   optionally   terminated  with  newlines/whitespace.  The
              corresponding image is loaded.

       list   Type list causes a different GKrellKam list to  be  included  in
              the current one.

       Each image source line should look like this:

              type: name

       The  "type:  "  part of the line can be omitted for images and URLs, to
       make these list files backwards compatible  with  earlier  versions  of
       GKrellKam,  but  it is suggested that you specify them. It will enhance
       the readability of the list file.

       There are also properties that can be applied to types image, url,  and
       script.  Properties must follow the image source line that they modify,
       and must begin with a tab character. These include:

              This sets the message shown when the  mouse  is  kept  over  the
              image  panel  in  GKrellKam  for  a few seconds. If not set, the
              image’s filename or URL is shown instead.

              This changes the number of seconds that  an  image  will  remain
              displayed.   If not set, the "Default number of seconds" set for
              that panel in the GKrellM configuration window will be used.

              If set, this sets the minimum length of time  that  must  elapse
              before  the  image  is  re-loaded. If the image cycles up before
              that time, the old image will be used. For  script  types,  this
              means  that  the  script  will not be re-run. For url types, the
              image will not be fetched using wget. When this property is  not
              set,   url  images  will  be  downloaded  every  time  they  are
              displayed, and scripts will be run every time.


       This is a simple example of a GKrellKam list. For a better example, see
       example.list from this distribution.

              # .krellkam.list
              # This list rotates through ~/pics/mypic[1-4].jpg along with a
              # webcam, and then displays the pictures in ~/lists/sub.list

              image: /home/paul/pics/mypic1.jpg
              image: /home/paul/pics/mypic3.jpg
              [tab] tooltip: This is the building where I work

              image: /home/paul/pics/mypic4.jpg
              [tab] seconds: 4
              [tab] tooltip: Don’t display this one very long

              list: /home/paul/lists/sub.list


       $HOME/.krellkam.list - The default source for the first GKrellKam panel
       example.list - A sample GKrellKam list


       GKrellKam was written by paul  cannon  <>.   This
       manual  page  was  written  by  the  same  author  for inclusion in the
       GKrellKam distribution, and may be used by others.



                                  Dec 7, 2001