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       capisuite.conf - configuration of the CapiSuite daemon


       The  options for the CapiSuite daemon are configured here. They will be
       presented in brief here - for  further  details  please  refer  to  the
       comments in the configuration file itself.


              This  option  tells CapiSuite which script should be executed at
              incoming calls. Only change this if you want  to  use  your  own

              This  option reflects the path and name of the idle script. This
              script is called in regular intervalls to check if any  outgoing
              call  should  be done. As above, the default should be ok if you
              don’t use your own script.

              Here you  can  define  how  often  the  idle  script  should  be
              executed.  The  number  given is the interval between subsequent
              invocations in seconds. Lesser numbers give you quicker response
              to queued jobs but also a higher system load. The default should
              be ok in most cases.

              This file  will  be  used  for  all  "normal"  messages  printed
              byCapiSuite telling you what it does. Error messages are written
              to a special log (see below).

              You can define how detailled the log output  of  CapiSuite  will
              be.  The  default  will give you some informational messages for
              each incoming and outgoing call and should be enough for  normal
              use. I would recommend to only increase it if you encounter some
              problems.  Logs  of  higher  level  are  mainly   intended   for
              developers,  so just use them if you want to report a problem or
              have some know-how of the CAPI interface and  the  internals  of

              All  errors  which  CapiSuite  detects  internally  and  in your
              scripts will end up here. They are written to an extra  file  so
              that  they  don’t  get lost in the normal log. Please check this
              log regularly for any messages - especially when  you  encounter
              problems.  Please  report  all messages you don’t understand and
              which aren’t caused by  your  own  script-modifications  to  the
              CapiSuite team.

              When  your  ISDN  card  is connected to an ISDN interface in PtP
              mode, i.e. if you use DDI which, in  understandable  words  mean
              you  have  only  one  ISDN  phone number and can define your own
              extensions as you like, you have  to  set  the  length  of  your
              extension   numbers   here.  In  Germany,  PtP  mode  is  called
              "Anlagenanschluss". Let’s say you use  1234-000  till  1234-999,
              then  your  DDI_length would be 3. If you set this to 0, DDI/PtP
              is disabled.

              If you’re not sure what all this should mean, then  chances  are
              high you don’t use DDI and can leave this option as it is.

              This  option  is only used when DDI_length is not 0. This is the
              length of your base number - in the example above it would be 4.

              If  you usually use extension numbers of a specified length, but
              also want to use some shorter ones (e.g. the "-0" extension  for
              you  switchboard),  then  you  can list these shorter extensions
              here, separated by commas.


       capisuite(8), fax.conf(5), answering_machine.conf(5), capisuitefax(1)


       Gernot Hillier <>.