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       url.list - websec url monitoring configuration


       The URL list consists of one or more sections separated by newlines.
       You can have sections without a URL, they will update the defaults for
       all the subsequenet blocks. The Name and Prefix parameters are required
       as well as one of Email, EmailLink and Program. The rest are completely
       optional. The configuration is expected to be of the form "keyword =

       The following parameters (case-sensitive) are recognized in each

           URL        - URL of web page to monitor

           Name       - Name of web site. Pages delivered to you will have the
                        following format: "Name - Date (Day)" eg. "PC Magazine - 4
                        Sep 98 (Fri)"

           Prefix     - Prefix of filenames for archive files of web pages created
                        by Web Secretary.

           Email      - Comma-delimited list of email addresses to send highlighted
                        pages to.

           EmailLink  - Comma-delimited list of email addresses to send URL of
                        changed pages to.

           Program    - application to call with the diff-file, special cases:
                        "mozilla", pages are opened in new tabs,
                        "konqueror", pages are opened using "kfmclient openURL"

           Auth       - Authentication information in "username:password" format.
                        Put "none" if no authentication needed.

           Diff       - Put "none" if you want Web Secretary to always mail this
                        page to you instead of checking for and highlighting
                        changes in the page.  Put "webdiff" if you want Web
                        Secretary to check for changes.
                        Put "htmldiff" to use a different implementation of HTML
                        diff output. Note that you need to install the perl-modules
                        Algorithm::Diff and HTML::Diff which are availabe on
               for this to work.

           Hicolor   -  Color used to highlight new or changed content. Currently,
                        four colors are defined. They are: blue, pink, yellow and
                        grey. You can also supply your own HTML color tag in the
                        form "#rrggbb".

           Ignore     - Comma-delimited List of section names containing ignore
                        keywords. There must be NO SPACES between delimiters and
                        section names. The ignore sections and keywords are stored
                        in a file called "ignore.list".

           IgnoreURL  - Comma-delimited List of section names containing ignore
                        URLs. There must be NO SPACES between delimiters and
                        section names. The ignore sections and keywords are stored
                        in a file called "ignore.list".

           AsciiMarker - If set to 1 it will add ascii markers around the changes so
                            that highlighting is noticeable in text mode too. Useful for
                                        text MUAs users.

           Tmin       - Every token containing <= Tmin words will not be highlighted
                        for differences.

           Tmax       - Every token containing >= Tmax words will not be checked for
                        ignore keywords.

           Proxy      - Specify proxy "" if you are
                        using one. (Alternatively, you can make use of the
                        "http_proxy" environment variable)

           ProxyAuth  - Specify proxy authentication in "username:password" format.
                        The code for this feature was contributed by Volker Stampa.

           MailFrom   - The E-Mail address to send mail from, this can be left empty
                        and the user used to run websec will be used.

           ProgramDigest - If specified "true", websec does not open all changed pages
                        separately with the application specified in "Program", but opens
                        a summary page that contains links to all changed pages.

           Digest     - true|false or yes|no. This works only if EmailLink is
                        specified. It consolidates all the changed URLs and sends
                        them in one email.

           UserAgent  - The User-Agent that will be sent by the web client. This can
                        be used to bypass servers that prevent access based on the user

           DateFMT    - Date format to use in e-mail messages, can be empty for no date.
                        Set it to " - %Y-%m-%d" for ISO dates. This is perl format for dates.

           RandomWait - Websec waits for a random number of seconds between retries up
                        to the value specified by the RandomWait keyword. This is to
                        prevent websec from being blocked by websites that perform log
                        analysis to find time similarities between requests.

       Any line which begins with a ’#’ is treated as comment and ignored.

       If a section does not contain a URL entry, the values provided will be
       treated as the default for the following sections.

       For example,

           # Defaults
           Auth = none
           Diff = webdiff
           Hicolor = blue
           Ignore = General,Date_Time
           IgnoreURL = Adverts
           Tmin = 1
           Tmax = 10
           Proxy =
           Email =

           # Web page to monitor which does not require authentication
           URL =
           Name = Browser Watch
           Prefix = browsewatch

           # New defaults with authentication information
           Auth = user:password

           # More web pages to monitor which requires authentication
           URL =
           Name = Infoworld
           Prefix = infoworld

           URL =
           Name = Java Developer Central
           Prefix = jdc




       Baruch Even <> is maintaining this program.