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       miredo-server.conf - configuration for miredo-server




       miredo-server.conf   is the configuration file for miredo-server.  Each
       configuration  directive  consists  of  one  directive  name,  possibly
       followed by one or several spaces and a value for the directive.  White
       spaces, empty lines and lines starting with ’#’ are ignored.

       Directives are case-insensitive. A comprehensive list of the  supported
       directives follows:


       ServerBindAddress server_ip
              Specifies  the  primary  IPv4  address  of  the  Teredo  server.
              miredo-server will bind to UDP/IPv4 port 3544  on  this  address
              and waits for packets from Teredo clients. It will advertise the
              Teredo prefix which is defined with the Prefix directive.

              A Teredo server needs two subsequent  IPv4  addresses.  It  will
              wait  for  UDP  IPv4  packets  on  port  3544 on both addresses.
              server_ip specifies the lowest of both IPv4 addresses, which  is
              known  as  the  primary  IPv4 server address. The secondary IPv4
              address should be server_ip + 1 and must also be assigned to the

       ServerBindAddress2 server_ip2
              It  is  possible  to  specify  a  secondary  IPv4 server address
              manually.    However,   Miredo   clients   will   need    manual
              configuration    (with    the    ServerAddress2   directive   in
              miredo.conf). Other Teredo clients are believed not  to  support
              such setup.

       Prefix teredo_prefix
              This  directive  specifies  the  Teredo  prefix which the Teredo
              relay and/or server will advertise.   teredo_prefix  must  be  a
              valid IPv6 prefix.

              The  default value is 2001:0000::.  A 32-bits prefix is required
              to use this option. Since you do  not  have  such  big  an  IPv6
              prefix  YOU  WILL  NOT USE THIS OPTION.  Moreover, certain third
              party Teredo client implementations require the default  prefix.

       InterfaceMTU mtu
              This directive overrides the value of the MTU that is advertised
              to Teredo clients. The default value is 1280  bytes  and  should
              not be changed if the default Teredo prefix is used.

              YOU  MUST  NOT  USE  THIS  OPTION with the default prefix.  This
              would break interoperability with most Teredo relays.

       SyslogFacility facility
              Specify which syslog’s facility is to be used  by  miredo-server
              for logging.  Possible values are: daemon (the default), local0,
              ... local7, kern and user (see syslog(2)).




       Rémi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab dot net>