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NAME - Frozen route file for multi-homed SOCKS proxy server




       The  frozen  route  file is produced by make_sockdfr and is essentially
       the memory image of the parsed route file. Using the frozen route  file
       can  reduce  the start-up delay of the SOCKS server program since it no
       longer has to parse the file contents.

       When the SOCKS server starts, it always looks for the frozen route file
       /etc/  first.  If  that file is not found, it then tries to use
       the plain-text route file /etc/sockd.route. If  you  use  frozen  route
       file, you must remember to run make_sockdfr every time after you modify
       the plain-text file or the SOCKS server will continue to use the frozen
       version of a previous route file.

       To find out the contents of a frozen route file, use dump_sockdfr.


       dump_sockdfr(8), make_sockdfr(8), sockd(8), sockd.route(5)


       Ying-Da Lee, or

                                  May 6, 1996