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       ibm_hosts - host database for x3270 and c3270




       The  ibm_hosts  file  contains  information  regarding IBM hosts on the
       network.  An IBM host is a host  which  can  communicate  with  a  3270
       terminal  emulator such as x3270 or c3270.  Each line defines a name in
       the following format (optional fields are shown in brackets):

       name type [opt:]...[luname@]hostname[:port] [actions]

       Items are separated by any number of blanks and/or TAB  characters.   A
       line  beginning with # is taken as a comment (note that # anywhere else
       on a line does not indicate a comment).

       The name field is a mnemonic used to identify the host.

       The type field is a keyword that indicates  the  type  of  entry.   The
       value  primary  means  that the name will be included in host-selection
       menus that may be displayed by a 3270 emulator.  The value alias  means
       that the name will not be included in menus, but will still be accepted
       as valid input when a host name is required.

       The hostname field is the Internet hostname  or  dot-notation  Internet
       address of the host.

       The  hostname  can  include ‘s:’ or ‘p:’ prefixes, e.g., s:finicky (see
       the x3270(1) or c3270(1) man page sfor details).  It can  also  include
       an  LU  name,  separated  by  an  ‘@’  character, e.g., oddlu@bluehost.
       Finally, it can include a non-default  port  number,  appended  to  the
       hostname   with   a  colon  ‘:’  character,  e.g.,  bluehost:97.   (For
       compatability with earlier versions of x3270,  the  port  can  also  be
       separated by a slash ‘/’ character.)

       The  optional  actions  field  specifies  actions  to be taken once the
       connection is made and a data-entry field  is  defined.   If  the  text
       looks  like  an  action, e.g., PF(1), it is unmodified; otherwise it is
       taken as the parameter to the String() action.   The  actions  are  not
       intended  for  entering usernames and passwords; rather they provide an
       automated way of specifying a front-end menu option.


       Given the following ibm_hosts file:

              mvs  primary   mvs-host
              tso  alias     mvs-host
              mvs2 primary   mvs-host:4012
              vm   primary   vtam Tab() String(3) Enter()

       A 3270 emulator will display four names (mvs, mvs2, afhost and  vm)  on
       its  hosts  menu.   The names mvs and tso will cause connections to the
       host mvs-host.  The name mvs2 will also cause a connection to mvs-host,
       but  to port 4012 rather than the emulator’s default port (usually 23).
       The name vm will cause the 3270 emulator to connect to  the  host  vtam
       (presumably  some  sort  of host-selection front-end), enter the string
       ‘3’ on the second data-entry field on the screen, and  send  the  Enter
       AID sequence.




       x3270(1), c3270(1)

                                02 October 2009