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       pkspxy.conf - The PKS proxy server configuration file


       pkspxy.conf  contains  configuration  information  for  the  PKS  proxy
       server.  The file is line-oriented; each  line  contains  at  most  one
       configuration  option.   Leading  whitespace,  empty  lines,  and lines
       beginning with a hash sign are ignored.

       The syntax of the individual lines is as follows:

              keyword <whitespace> value


              This keyword can be followed by one  or  more  key  server  host
              names.  These names may optionally contain a port specification,
              by appending a colon and the port number to the host  name.   If
              no  port number is given, 11371 is the default.  The key servers
              given are queried in the order given in the configuration  file.
              This keyword may occur multiple times in any configuration file;
              subsequent instances are appended to the internal  list  of  key

              This  keyword  is  followed by a number, giving (in seconds) the
              amount of time between regularly scheduled  processings  of  the
              postponed queue.

       port   This  keyword  is  followed  by a number which indicates the TCP
              port on the local machine to which the pkspxy daemon is supposed
              to listen.  The default is 11372.

              This  keyword is followed by the directory to be used as a spool
              area by pkspxy.  The default is: /var/cache/pkspxy

              This keyword is followed by the time (in  seconds)  after  which
              cache  data are considered to be ancient, and the proxy will try
              to gather more recent information.  The default is 3600 seconds,
              that is, one hour.


       pks-intro(8), pks(8), pkspxy(8)


       Thomas Roessler <>