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       sane-epjitsu - SANE backend for Epson-based Fujitsu USB scanners.


       The  sane-epjitsu  library  implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
       backend which provides basic access the  Fujitsu  fi-60F  and  ScanSnap
       S300/S1300 scanners.


       These  scanners  are  fairly limited, only supporting a couple of modes
       and resolutions, and always scanning full width. The  backend  supports
       missing  modes  (binary, grayscale) in software, but makes no effort to
       offer intermediate resolutions or scan area controls. See KNOWN ISSUES.

       This backend may support other scanners. If physical inspection reveals
       an Epson  chipset,  please  contact  the  author  for  instructions  on
       collecting a USB trace under Windows to verify.


       A  limited  effort  has been made to expose the standard options to the
       API.  This allows a frontend to set resolution, color mode, and  choose
       the  ADF  setting.  The  epjitsu  backend  supports the following basic
       options for most scanners:

       source s
              Selects the source for the scan. Options may include  "Flatbed",
              "ADF Front", "ADF Back", "ADF Duplex".

       mode m
              Selects  the  mode  for the scan. Options may include "Lineart",
              "Gray", "Color".

       resolution, y-resolution
              Controls  scan  resolution.  Setting  --resolution   also   sets
              --y-resolution,  though  this  behavior  is  overridden  by some

       Other options will be  available  based  on  the  capabilities  of  the
       scanner.  Use  ’scanimage  --help’  to  get  a list. Be aware that some
       options may appear only when another option  has  been  set,  and  that
       advanced options may be hidden by the frontend.


       The  configuration  file "/etc/sane.d/epjitsu.conf" is used to tell the
       backend how to look for scanners, and provide options  controlling  the
       operation of the backend. This file is read each time the frontend asks
       the backend for a list of scanners, generally only  when  the  frontend
       starts.  If  the  configuration  file  is missing, the backend will not

       Scanners can be specified in the configuration file in two ways:

       "usb 0x04c5 0x10c7" (or other vendor/product ids)
              Requests backend to search all usb busses in the  system  for  a
              device  which  uses  that vendor and product id. The device will
              then be queried to determine if it is a supported scanner.

       "usb /dev/usb/scanner0" (or other device file)
              Some systems use a kernel driver to access  usb  scanners.  This
              method is untested.

       The  only  configuration  option supported is "firmware /PATH/TO/FILE",
       allowing you to  set  the  location  of  the  firmware  file  you  have
       extracted from the Windows driver.

       Note:  This  firmware  is  a  copyrighted work of Fujitsu, so cannot be
       provided by the backend or the author. Please do not ask.

       Note: These scanners REQUIRE a  firmware  file  to  function.  See  the
       supplied configuration file for more detail.

       Note:  This option may appear multiple times in the configuration file.
       It only applies to scanners discovered by ’usb’ lines that follow  this


       The  backend  uses  a  single environment variable, SANE_DEBUG_EPJITSU,
       which enables debugging output to stderr. Valid values are:

              5  Errors
              10 Function trace
              15 Function detail
              20 Option commands
              25 USB trace
              30 USB detail
              35 Useless noise


              No scan area options are exposed.
              fi-60F hardware grayscale mode is not used.


       S300 support funded by Microdea, Inc. and Archivista, GmbH.
       fi-60F support funded by TrueCheck, Inc.
       Improved calibration code provided by Richard Goedeken.


       sane(7), sane-usb(5)


       m. allan noah: <kitno455 a t gmail d o t com>

                                  09 Feb 2010                  sane-epjitsu(5)