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       status - server status database


       Files  in  the  status  directory  in the HylaFAX spooling area contain
       status  information  about  each  running  server.   Files  are   named
       according  to the modem being serviced.  Files without a suffix contain
       a single line of ASCII text that indicates what the server is currently
       doing:  ``Running  and  idle'',  ``Sending  to  ...'',  ``Answering the
       phone'', etc.  The contents of the file  is  returned  by  the
       faxstat(1)  program  when  given  the  -i  option;  it  should  contain
       information  about  the  server  system  including  an   administrative
       contact, its location, usage conventions, etc.


       faxq(8), faxsend(8), pagesend(8), faxgetty(8), hfaxd(8), faxstat(1)

                               January 18, 1996