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       selabel_file  -  userspace  SELinux  labeling  interface: file contexts


       #include <selinux/selinux.h>

       #include <selinux/label.h>

       int selabel_lookup(struct selabel_handle *hnd,
                          security_context_t *context,

                          const char *path, int mode);


       The file contexts backend maps  from  pathname/mode  combinations  into
       security contexts.  It is used to find the appropriate context for each
       file when relabeling a file system.

       The path argument should be set to the full pathname of the file  whose
       assigned  context is being checked.  The mode argument should be set to
       the mode bits of the file, as determined by lstat(2).


       In addition to the global options described  in  selabel_open(3),  this
       backend recognizes the following options:

              A non-null value for this option specifies a path to a file that
              will be opened in lieu of the standard file contexts file.  This
              value is also used as the base name for determining the names of
              local customization files.

              A non-null value  for  this  option  indicates  that  any  local
              customizations to the file contexts mapping should be ignored.

              A  non-null  value  for  this  option  is  interpreted as a path
              prefix, for example "/etc".  Only  file  context  specifications
              starting  with  the  given prefix are loaded.  This may increase
              lookup performance, however any attempt to look up  a  path  not
              starting with the given prefix will fail.


       selabel_open(3), selabel_lookup(3), selabel_stats(3), selinux(8)

                                  18 Jun 2007                  selabel_file(5)