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       rsports - Rose port configuration file.


       Rsports  is  an  ASCII file that contains information about each of the
       Rose ports that are to be used. When dealing with a Rose  utility  such
       as call, it takes an optional argument that is the port name. This port
       name is a reference to the line within  rsports,  which  has  the  same
       name.  The information on each line contains enough information to bind
       the command to a particular Rose interface, this  binding  is  done  by
       matching  the  address  on  the line in rsports with the address of the
       port set by ifconfig or rsattach.

       The rsports file may contain comments that begin with a # in the  first
       column, or a port description in the following format, each field being
       delimited by white space:

              name address description

       The field descriptions are:

              name          this is the unique Rose port identifier.

              address       the address of the Rose interface to bind to.

              description   a free format description of this interface,  this
                            field  extends  to  the  end  of  the line. It may
                            contain spaces.




       call(1), rose(4), ifconfig(8), rsparms(8).