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       naslist - RADIUS naslist file


       The  naslist  file resides in the radius database directory, by default
       /etc/raddb. It  contains  a  list  of  RADIUS  network  access  servers
       (NASes).   Every  line  starting  with  a hash sign (’#’) is treated as
       comment and ignored.

       Each line of the file contains three white-space delimited fields.

       client hostname
              The NAS hostname. This may be a plain hostname, or a dotted-quad
              IP  address.  An  entry  called  "DEFAULT" does exactly what you
              would expect it to do.

              This field declares a short alias for the NAS.  It  is  used  in
              the /var/log/radwtmp accounting file, and to build the directory
              name for the accounting detail file.

              Type of NAS (terminalserver). This  can  be  livingston,  cisco,
              portslave  or  other.  This  is  passed to the external checkrad
              program when it is called to detect double logins.

       The naslist file is read by radiusd on startup only.




       radiusd(8), clients(5rad)

                               15 September 1997