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       sane-hpsj5s - SANE backend for HP ScanJet 5S sheet-fed scanner


       The  sane-hpsj5s  library  implements  a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
       backend that provides access to a parallel port Hewlett-Packard ScanJet
       5S scanner.

       IMPORTANT:  this  is  alpha  code. Don’t expect this to work correctly.
       Many functions are missing, others contain errors. In some cases,  your
       computer might even hang. It cannot be excluded (although I consider it
       extremely improbable) that your scanner will be damaged.

       LIMITATIONS: For now this backend works only on Linux.  This limitation
       is  due  to  dependence  on  the  libieee1284  library.  If your system
       supports libieee1284 too, this  backend  should  work.  If  you  ported
       libieee1284  for  your platform, please let me know. Your system should
       support EPP (or EPP+ECP ) mode to operate this scanner. Future versions
       will  support ECP and SPP (Nibble and Byte) modes also. It’s planned to
       support scanners not only at  daisy-chain  position  0,  but  anywhere.
       Support for multiple scanners could be implemented too.

       Current version implements only gray scale scanning. True Color and B/W
       modes are not supported for now.

       That said, TESTERS ARE WELCOME. Send your bug reports and  comments  to
       Max Vorobiev <>.


       This backend expects device names of the form:


       Where  special  is the parallel port name in form, libieee1284 expects.
       It seems to be system dependent.  Under Linux it’s parport0,  parport1,


       The  contents  of  the hpsj5s.conf file is a list of parport names that
       correspond to HP ScanJet 5S scanners.  Empty lines and  lines  starting
       with  a  hash mark (#) are ignored.  Only one device name can be listed
       in hpsj5s.conf for this moment.  Future  versions  will  support  daisy
       chain selection.


       It  seems  that  HP  ScanJet 5S scanner uses software noise correction.
       This feature is not implemented for now. So does gamma  correction  and
       calibration.  I’ll handle it in future versions.  Native resolution for
       this scanner is 300 DPI. Other modes could be jagged in some ways.


              The  backend  configuration  file  (see  also   description   of
              SANE_CONFIG_DIR below).

              The static library implementing this backend.

              The shared library implementing this backend (present on systems
              that support dynamic loading).


              This environment variable specifies the list of directories that
              may contain the configuration file.  Under UNIX, the directories
              are separated by a colon (‘:’), under OS/2, they  are  separated
              by  a  semi-colon  (‘;’).   If  this  variable  is  not set, the
              configuration file  is  searched  in  two  default  directories:
              first,   the   current  working  directory  (".")  and  then  in
              /etc/sane.d.  If the value of the environment variable ends with
              the  directory separator character, then the default directories
              are searched after the explicitly  specified  directories.   For
              example,  setting SANE_CONFIG_DIR to "/tmp/config:" would result
              in  directories  "tmp/config",  ".",  and  "/etc/sane.d"   being
              searched (in this order).

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       Max Vorobiev
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