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           blinkenlights.conf - Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools B<blinkenlights>


       This file contains configuration information for the DNSSEC-Tools
       blinkenlights program.  These configuration data are used as default
       values The module is used to parse this configuration file.

       A line in this file contains either a comment or a configuration entry.
       Comment lines start with either a '#' character or a ';' character.
       Comment lines and blank lines are ignored by the DNSSEC-Tools programs.

       Configuration entries are in a keyword/value format.  The keyword is a
       character string that contains no whitespace.  The value is a tokenized
       list of the remaining character groups, with each token separated by a
       single space.

       True/false flags must be given a true or false value.  True values are:
       1, "yes", "on".  False values are:  0, "no", "off".

Configuration Records

       The following records are recognized by blinkenlights.

           Toggle indicating whether or not to use different background colors
           for blinkenlights zone stripes.  If on, different colors will be
           used.  If off, the skipcolor value will be used.

           The font size used to display information in the blinkenlights
           window.  If this is not specified, the default font size is 18.

           Toggle indicating whether or not to allow access to blinkenlights'
           zone-modification commands.  These commands are the GUI's front-end
           to some of rollerd's commands.  If on, the commands are enabled.
           If off, the commands are disabled.

           Toggle indicating whether or not to use color shading in
           blinkenlights' status column.  If on, shading is enabled.  If off,
           shading is disabled.

           Toggle indicating whether or not to display skipped zones in
           blinkenlights' window.  If on, skipped zones are displayed.  If
           off, skipped zones are not displayed.

           The background color to use in displaying skipped zones.  If this
           is not specified, the default color is grey.

Example File

       The following is an example blinkenlights.conf configuration file.

           # DNSSEC-Tools configuration file for blinkenlights
           #   Recognized values:
           #           colors          use different colors for stripes (toggle)
           #           fontsize        size of demo output font
           #           modify          allow modification commands (toggle)
           #           shading         shade the status columns (toggle)
           #           showskip        show skipped zones (toggle)
           #           skipcolor       color to use for skip records

           fontsize            24
           modify              no

           colors              on
           skipcolor           orange
           showskip            1
           shading             yes


       Copyright 2006-2008 SPARTA, Inc.  All rights reserved.  See the COPYING
       file included with the DNSSEC-Tools package for details.


       Wayne Morrison,


       blinkenlights(8), rollerd(8)