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       dot-spop3d - user configuration data for The Solid POP3 Server.


       A  user  can  specify their maildrop location, type and associated APOP
       secret in the configuration file ~/.spop3d.

       The file must be set to mode 0600 (-rw-------) or the server  will  not
       honour its content.

       Maildrop  specification  consists  of  three  parts, separated by white
       space characters:

       MailDrop path type

       Path should be specified in the same format as the -n option in  solid-
       pop3d(8).  Type should be mailbox or maildir.

       APOP  secret  specification consists of the word APOPSecret followed by
       an encrypted secret. You shouldn’t change  this  secret  manually.  Use
       pop_auth(1) to do this.

       Both maildrop and APOP secret specifications may optionally be followed
       by a mailbox name. This allows, for instance, user+boxA  and  user+boxB
       to  be used as login names to access different mailboxes, where + means
       value of UserMailDropDelimiter server setting (see spop3d.conf(5)).

       The APOP  secret  associated  with  a  particular  maildrop  should  be
       followed  with the same mailbox name (or lack thereof). If no secret is
       specified for a maildrop then the user’s standard POP  password  should
       be used to authenticate instead.


              MailDrop       Mail/default   mailbox
              APOPSecret     2345678901
              MailDrop       Mail/bugtraq   mailbox bugtraq
              APOPSecret     0123456789     bugtraq
              MailDrop       Mail/private   mailbox private
              APOPSecret     9876543210     private

       To  set  the  APOP  secret  for  the  above maildrops use the following
       pop_auth(1) commands:
              pop_auth bugtraq
              pop_auth private


              User configuration file.


       solid-pop3d(8), pop_auth(1), spop3d.conf(5),


       Jerzy Balamut <>