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       slapd-monitor - Monitor backend to slapd




       The  monitor backend to slapd(8) is not an actual database; if enabled,
       it is automatically generated and dynamically maintained by slapd  with
       information about the running status of the daemon.

       To  inspect  all  monitor information, issue a subtree search with base
       cn=Monitor, requesting that attributes "+" and "*" are  returned.   The
       monitor  backend  produces mostly operational attributes, and LDAP only
       returns  operational  attributes   that   are   explicitly   requested.
       Requesting attribute "+" is an extension which requests all operational


       These slapd.conf options apply to the monitor backend  database.   That
       is,  they  must  follow  a  "database monitor" line and come before any
       subsequent "backend" or "database" lines.

       As opposed to most databases, the monitor database can be  instantiated
       only  once, i.e. only one occurrence of "database monitor" can occur in
       the slapd.conf(5) file.  Moreover, the suffix of the database cannot be
       explicitly  set  by  means  of  the  suffix  directive.   The suffix is
       automatically set to "cn=Monitor".

       The monitor database honors the rootdn and the rootpw  directives,  and
       the usual ACL directives, e.g. the access directive.

       Other  database options are described in the slapd.conf(5) manual page.


       The usage is:

       1) enable the monitor backend at configure:

              configure --enable-monitor

       2) activate the monitor database in the slapd.conf(5) file:

              database monitor

       3) add ACLs as detailed in slapd.access(5) to  control  access  to  the
       database, e.g.:

              access to dn.subtree="cn=Monitor"
                   by dn.exact="uid=Admin,dc=my,dc=org" write
                   by users read
                   by * none

       4) ensure that the core.schema file is loaded.
              The monitor backend relies on some standard track attributeTypes
              that must be already defined when the backend is started.


       The  monitor  backend  honors  access control semantics as indicated in
       slapd.access(5),  including  the  disclose  access  privilege,  on  all
       currently implemented operations.


       The   monitor  backend  does  not  honor  size/time  limits  in  search


              default slapd configuration file


       slapd.conf(5), slapd-config(5), slapd.access(5), slapd(8), ldap(3).


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       <>.    OpenLDAP   Software   is   derived  from
       University of Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.