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       /etc/mailcap.order - the mailcap ordering specifications


       The order of entries in the /etc/mailcap file can be altered by editing
       the /etc/mailcap.order file.   Each  line  of  that  file  specifies  a
       package  and an optional mime type.  Mailcap entries that match will be
       placed in the order of this file.  Entries that  don’t  match  will  be
       placed later.


       The  above  would make any entries provided by the mime-support package
       (as found in the /usr/lib/mime/packages directory) take  priority  over
       everything  else.   The gv package will be used over anything else when
       it comes to postscript documents.  Netscape will be used for  any  html
       documents  and  less  will  be  used  for any remaining text documents.
       However, since neither netscape or less provide for editing  documents,
       any edit or compose actions will fall through to the emacs rules.

       After  modifying  this  file,  be sure to run /usr/sbin/update-mime (as
       root) to propagate the changes into the /etc/mailcap file.

       Remember that this files takes package names and not executable  names.
       If  you want to define rules that reference specific programs, the best
       way is to include them  in  ~/.mailcap  or  the  user  section  of  the
       /etc/mailcap file.


       There  is  currently no way to break out a certain type from a wildcard
       rule.  If, for example, both xv and  gimp  were  to  specify  "image/*"
       rules, it isn’t possible to use xv for gif images but use gimp for jpeg

       Also, I would like to add the ability to specify certain actions in the
       rules.  For example, if netscape were to have an edit rule but I wanted
       to use emacs for editing/creating html documents, I could place a  line

         emacs:text/* action=edit|compose

       before the netscape entry.  The update-mime program would then spit out
       entries such that netscape view rule comes before the emacs  view  rule
       but have the netscape edit rule comes after the emacs edit rule.


       The   mailcap.order   specification   was   written   by   Brian  White