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       tart-custom - Template format for LinuxTaRT


       LinuxTaRT  can  use  a  user  defined  template  file  to  generate the
       signature.  The name and location of this  file  can  be  specified  in
       ~/.tartrc, but defaults to the following location:



       LinuxTaRT  recognizes  the  following  directives  in  the template and
       replaces them with the corresponding values:

       %c1 - CustomText1 from .tartrc

       %c2 - CustomText2 from .tartrc

       %tg - tagline
              Randomly selected from the tagline database.

       %hr - horizontal line

       %dt - todays date
              In the format: Monday, February 25, 2002

       %12 - current hour
              12-hour format

       %24 - current hour
              24-hour format

       %mn - current minutes

       %ap - AM / PM

       %ut - system uptime
              For RiscOS or systems with the sysinfo function.

       %ib - time in ibeats

       %vi - LinuxTaRT version string

       %% - the percent symbol (%)

       Any other characters in the template are copied to the signature as is.


       The following template:

       LinuxTaRT - The Automatic Random Tagline
       /dev/random says:

       Generates the following signature:

       LinuxTaRT - The Automatic Random Tagline
       /dev/random says:
       Best way to dispose of the Borg: Give them Windows 3.1.




       tart(1) tartrc(5) tartdates(5)