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       FontDataBase - database of fonts accessible to t1lib.


       This   manual   page   has   been  written  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux
       distribution.  It has been adapted from the documentation  included  in
       the upstream t1lib distribution.

       /etc/t1lib/FontDataBase  is  a text file which contains, minimally, the
       basenames of Type 1 font files to be made accessible to the t1lib  font
       rasterizer library.  The format is intentionally similar to that of the
       fonts.dir and fonts.scale files used by X11.

       Line 1 of this file contains a positive integer specifying  the  number
       of  fonts  declared  in that file. This is as in the fonts.dir files of
       the X11 system.

       All remaining lines contain declarations of one  font  each.  The  only
       thing  taken  from  such  a line is the last string (delimited by white
       space)  in  it.  It  is  assumed  to  be  a  filename  of  the   format

       The  basename  part  is  assumed  to  be the basename(1) of a fontfile.
       After the a string has been  parsed,  the  extension  is  cut  off  and
       replaced  in turn with .pfa and .pfb.  The initialization routine tries
       to open a font file in its  search  path  with  one  of  the  resulting

       The  remainder  of  the  line, i.e., from beginning to the start of the
       filename string, is completely ignored and thus may contain information
       for other programs.


       Here is a minimal font database file for 4 fonts:


       This  file is minimal, because it contains just the information needed,
       and nothing not needed by the library.

       Here is a more realistic example, which allows an application to  match
       a  fully  qualified  X11 fontname to a FontID in t1lib.  This is also a
       valid font database file:

       Souvenir Souvenir-Light       --- -itc-souvenir-light-r-normal--#-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1 isvl.afm
       Souvenir Souvenir-LightItalic -*- -itc-souvenir-light-i-normal--#-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1 isvli.afm
                 Souvenir-Demi       *-- -itc-souvenir-demi-r-normal--#-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1 isvd.afm
                 Souvenir-DemiItalic **- -itc-souvenir-demi-i-normal--#-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1 isvdi.afm