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       uucpsend.ctl - list of sites to feed via uucpsend


       The  file /etc/news/uucpsend.ctl specifies the default list of sites to
       be fed by uucpsend(8).  The program is able to  read  site  information
       from other related configuration files as well.

       Comments begin with a hash mark (‘‘#’’) and continue through the end of
       the line.  Blank lines and  comments  are  ignored.   All  other  lines
       should  consist  of  six  fields separated by a colon.  Each line looks


       The first field site is the name  of  the  site  as  specified  in  the
       newsfeeds(5)  file.  This is also the name of the UUCP system connected
       to this site.

       The second field max_size describes the maximum size of all batches  in
       kbytes  that  may  be  sent to this site.  If this amount of batches is
       reached, this site will not be batched with this run and a reason  will
       be  logged into the logfile.  This test includs all UUCP jobs, not only
       the ones sent to rnews (performing ‘‘du -s’’).

       The third field queue_size specifies the maximum size in kbytes of  one
       batch.  This argument is passed directly to batcher(8).

       The  fourth  field  header  defines  the  text that shall appear in the
       command header of every batch file.  ‘#!  ’  is  prefixed  each  batch.
       Normally  you’ll  need  cunbatch for compress, gunbatch or zunbatch for
       gzip.  This header is important since there  is  not  standard  way  to
       handle  gzip’ed  batches.  Using this and the next argument you’re also
       able to use any compressor you like.  So you receive a  certain  amount
       of  flexibility  by  using  uucpsend.   If  you  don’t want to have any
       compression leave the field empty.

       The fifth field compressor names a program that reads  from  stdin  and
       writes to stdout.  Normally it modifies the input stream by compressing
       it, such as compress(1) or gzip(1).

       The sixth field args consists of additional arguments that  are  passed
       directly to uux when sending the batch.

       One  entry  in  the  main  configuration file is mandatory.  There must
       exist a line containing the default values for all these variables.  To
       achieve this the pseudo site /default/ is used.

       One default entry could look like this:

              /default/:2000:200:cunbatch:compress:-r -n

       This  reflects  a  minimal setup.  The maximal size that may be used by
       the UUCP spool directory is 2MB.  Each batch will be  max.  200  kBytes
       big.   The  header of each batch will contain the string ‘cunbatch’ and
       compress(1) is used to compress the  batches.  ‘-r  -n’  is  passed  to
       uux(1)  which  means no notification will be sent if uux was successful
       and uux won’t start the uucico(8) program when spooling the file.


       Written by Martin Schulze <> for  InterNetNews.   Most
       of  the  work  is  derived  from  nncpsend.ctl(5)  by  Landon Curt Noll
       <> for InterNetNews.


       batcher(8), newsfeeds(5), uucpsend(8), uux(1).