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       /etc/logindevperm - configuration file for


       /etc/logindevperm  is  an  ASCII  file  which  contains  the  rules for

       There is one entry per line. Comments start with a # and extend to  the
       end  of the line. Blank lines or lines with only a comment are ignored.
       All other lines consist of three fields delimited by whitespace:

       login device
              If a user signs onto the system on this device, the rule will be

       octal permission number
              The  octal  permission  number  to  which  the  access rights of
              devices should be changed.

       list of devices
              A ":"-delimited list of devices, which should be  owned  by  the
              user who signs onto the sytem.

       All device names are absolute paths. A path that ends in "/*" refers to
       all directory entries except "." and "..".  The login device  could  be
       also the xdm display (like :0) or a "*" matching all devices.

       If  the  tty  the  user  does  login  matches  a login device name, the
       permissions of the  devices  in  the  ":"-delimited  list  are  set  as
       specified  in  the second field, and their ownership is changed to that
       of the uid of the user.

       All rules are tried one by one. Every match is evaluated.


       # Give access to the CD-ROM and floppy devices.
       # users in the correct group should be also able
       # to write to the floppy. user needs to login with xdm/kdm
       :0 0600 /dev/cdrom:/dev/cdrom1:/dev/cdrom2
       :0 0660 /dev/fd0:/dev/fd1




       login(1), pam(8)