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       sssd-simple - the configuration file for SSSD's 'simple' access-control


       This manual page describes the configuration of the simple
       access-control provider for sssd(8). For a detailed syntax reference,
       refer to the "FILE FORMAT" section of the sssd.conf(5) manual page.

       The simple access provider grants or denies access based on an access
       or deny list of user names. Here to following rules apply:

       o   If both lists are empty, access is granted

       o   If simple_allow_users is set, only users from this list are allowed

           This setting supersedes the simple_deny_users list (which would be

       o   If the simple_allow_users list is empty, users are allowed access
           unless they appear in the simple_deny_users list


       Refer to the section "DOMAIN SECTIONS" of the sssd.conf(5) manual page
       for details on the configuration of an SSSD domain.

       simple_allow_users (string)
           Comma separated list of users who are allowed to log in.

       simple_deny_users (string)
           Comma separated list of users who are rejected if
           simple_allow_users is not set.

       Please note that it is an configuration error if both,
       simple_allow_users and simple_deny_users, are defined.


       The following example assumes that SSSD is correctly configured and is one of the domains in the [sssd] section. This examples
       shows only the simple access provider-specific options.

               access_provider = simple
               simple_allow_users = user1, user2


       sssd.conf(5), sssd(8)


       The SSSD upstream -