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Section #4 (Special Files: Devices, Drivers, ...)

acecad - Acecad Flair input driver
wax - web application extension service
xpe - xml processing environment service
aiptek - Aiptek USB Digital Tablet Input Driver for Linux
apm - Alliance ProMotion video driver
app - Application resource file.
appup - Application upgrade file.
atalk - AppleTalk protocol family
ati - ATI video driver
atmsigd.conf - configuration file for the ATM signaling demon
AF_AX25 - AX.25 amateur packet radio protocol family
backfire - send a signal from driver to user
Castor_limits - LCG internal limits
cckd - Hercules Compressed CKD DASD image file
chips - Chips and Technologies video driver
cirrus - Cirrus Logic video driver
CLOG_commtype - print communicator creation event type
CLOG_cput - move a log record from one of the input buffers to the
CLOG_csync - synchronize clocks for adjusting times in merge
CLOG_Finalize - Finalize CLOG logging
CLOG_get_new_event - obtain unused event id
CLOG_get_new_state - obtain unused state id
CLOG_init_buffers - initialize necessary buffers for clog logging.
CLOG_Init - Initialize for CLOG logging
CLOG_mergelogs - merge individual logfiles into one via messages
CLOG_mergend - finish log processing
CLOG_msgtype - print communication event type
CLOG_newbuff - get and initialize new block of buffer
CLOG_nodebuffer2disk - dump buffers into temporary log file.
CLOG_Output - output a block of the log. The byte ordering, if needed,
CLOG_procbuf - postprocess a buffer of log records before merging
CLOG_reclen - get length (in doubles) of log record by type
CLOG_rectype - print log record type
CLOG_reinit_buff - reads CLOG_BLOCKS from temporary logfile into
CLOG_treesetup - locally determine parent and children in binary tree
config - Configuration file.
console_codes - Linux console escape and control sequences
console - console terminal and virtual consoles
console_ioctl - ioctl’s for console terminal and virtual consoles
cpuid - x86 CPUID access device
cpuset - confine tasks to processor and memory node subsets
DOC - (Pilot standard text document) file format
dsp56k - DSP56001 interface device
elographics - Elographics input driver
evdev - Generic Linux input driver
exa - new 2D acceleration architecture for X.Org
fbdev - video driver for framebuffer device
fbdevhw - os-specific submodule for framebuffer device access
fd - floppy disk device
fpit - Fujitsu Stylistic input driver
full - always full device
fbdev - video driver for framebuffer device
glide - Glide video driver
glint - GLINT/Permedia video driver
hd - MFM/IDE hard disk devices
hunspell - format of Hunspell dictionaries and affix files
i128 - Number 9 I128 Xorg video driver
i740 - Intel i740 video driver - configuration file for ibod (ISDN Bandwidth On Demand)
initrd - boot loader initialized RAM disk
intel - Intel integrated graphics chipsets
intro - Introduction to special files
irnetd - Handle automatically incoming IrNET connections
irnet - IrNET protocol device
isdn_audio - audio extension of ttyI ISDN character devices
isdnctrl - ISDN control device
isdninfo - ISDN status device
joystick - Joystick input driver
keynote - a trust-management system
mem, kmem, port - system memory, kernel memory and system ports
lp - line printer devices
m-acr - ACR/NEMA medical image format (MedCon)
m-anlz - Analyze (SPM) medical image format (MedCon)
md - Multiple Device driver aka Linux Software RAID
m-ecat - CTI ECAT 6/7 medical image format (MedCon)
mem, kmem, port - system memory, kernel memory and system ports
mga - Matrox video driver
mgettydefs - speed and terminal settings used by mgetty
m-gif - GIF87a and annimated GIF89a format (MedCon)
MIFF - Magick Image File Format
m-intf - InterFile 3.3 medical image format (MedCon)
m-inw - RUG INW1.0 medical image format (MedCon)
mmv - Memory Mapped Values for Performance Co-Pilot
mouse - Xorg mouse input driver
mouse - serial mouse interface
MPE_Add_RGB_color - Adds a color to the colormap given its RGB values
MPE_CaptureFile - Sets the base filename used to capture output from
MPE_Close_graphics - Closes an X11 graphics device
MPE_Comm_global_rank - Returns the rank in MPI_COMM_WORLD for a given
MPE_Counter_create - create and initialize shared counter (process)
MPE_Counter_free - free communicators associated with counter
MPE_Counter_nxtval - obtain next value from shared counter, and update
MPE_Decomp1d - Compute a balanced decomposition of a 1-D array
MPE_Describe_event - Create log record describing an event type
MPE_Describe_state - Create log record describing a state
MPE_Draw_circle - Draws a circle
MPE_Draw_line - Draws a line on an X11 display
MPE_Draw_logic - Sets logical operation for laying down new pixels
MPE_Draw_point - Draws a point on an X Windows display
MPE_Draw_points - Draws points on an X Windows display
MPE_Draw_string - Draw a text string
MPE_Fill_circle - Fills a circle
MPE_Fill_rectangle - Draws a filled rectangle on an X11 display
MPE_Finish_log - Send log to master, who writes it out
MPE_Get_mouse_press - Waits for mouse button press
MPE_GetTags - Returns tags that can be used in communication with a
MPE - MultiProcessing Environment
MPE_Iget_mouse_press - Checks for mouse button press
MPE_Initialized_logging - Indicate whether MPE_Init_log or
MPE_Init_log - Initialize for logging
MPE_IO_Stdout_to_file - Re-direct stdout to a file
MPE_Line_thickness - Sets thickness of lines
MPE_Log_event - Logs an event
MPE_Log_get_event_number - Gets an unused event number
MPE_Log_receive - log the sending of a message
MPE_Log_send - Logs the sending of a message
MPE_Make_color_array - Makes an array of color indices
MPE_Num_colors - Gets the number of available colors
MPE_Open_graphics - (collectively) opens an X Windows display
MPE_Print_datatype_pack_action - Prints the operations performed in an
MPE_Print_datatype_unpack_action - Prints the operations performed in
MPE_ReturnTags - Returns tags allocated with MPE_GetTags.
MPE_Seq_begin - Begins a sequential section of code.
MPE_Seq_end - Ends a sequential section of code.
MPE_Start_log - Begin logging of events
MPE_Stop_log - Stop logging events
MPE_TagsEnd - Returns the private keyval.
MPE_Update - Updates an X11 display
msr - x86 CPU MSR access device
mutouch - Microtouch input driver
mwmrc - the Motif Window Manager Resource Description File
neomagic - Neomagic video driver
AF_NETROM - NET/ROM amateur packet radio protocol family
nouveau - NVIDIA video driver
null, zero - data sink
nv - NVIDIA video driver
openchrome - video driver for VIA Unichromes
OPIE - One-time Passwords In Everything
pcp.conf - the Performance Co-Pilot configuration and environment file
pcp.env - script to set Performance Co-Pilot run-time environment
PDB - (Pilot Database) file format
penmount - PenMount input driver
PGABuildDatatype - Build an MPI datatype for string p in population
PGAGetCommunicator - Returns the default communicator used when PGARun
PGAGetNumProcs - Returns the size of communicator comm in processes.
PGAGetRank - Returns the rank of the processor in communicator comm.
PGAReceiveIndividual - receive an individual from another process
PGASendIndividual - transmit an individual to another process
PGASendReceiveIndividual - Send an individual to a process, while
PGASetCommunicator - Set the default communicator to use when PGARun is
~/.dayplan - database file of plan(1)
pmns - the performance metrics name space
mem, kmem, port - system memory, kernel memory and system ports
ptmx, pts - pseudo-terminal master and slave
ptmx, pts - pseudo-terminal master and slave
r128 - ATI Rage 128 video driver
radeon - ATI RADEON video driver
ram - ram disk device
random, urandom - kernel random number source devices
rel - Release resource file
relup - Release upgrade file
rendition - Rendition video driver
AF_ROSE - Rose amateur packet radio protocol family
rtc - real-time clock
s3 - S3 video driver
s3virge - S3 ViRGE video driver
savage - S3 Savage video driver
script - Boot script
sd - Driver for SCSI Disk Drives
siliconmotion - Silicon Motion video driver
sis - SiS and XGI video driver
sisusb - SiS USB video driver
sk98lin - Marvell/SysKonnect Gigabit Ethernet driver v6.21
st - SCSI tape device
synaptics - Synaptics touchpad input driver
tdfx - 3Dfx video driver
trident - Trident video driver
tseng - Tseng Labs video driver
tslib - tslib input driver
tty - controlling terminal
ttyI - ISDN character devices with modem emulator
tty_ioctl - ioctls for terminals and serial lines
ttys - serial terminal lines
ttyS - serial terminal lines
twconfig - Tripwire configuration file reference
twpolicy - Tripwire policy file reference
random, urandom - kernel random number source devices
v4l - video4linux driver
vcs, vcsa - virtual console memory
vcs, vcsa - virtual console memory
vesa - Generic VESA video driver
vmmouse - VMware Mouse input driver
vmware - VMware SVGA video driver
void - null input driver
voodoo - Voodoo video driver
wacom - Wacom input driver
wavelan - ATyyyyyamp;T GIS WaveLAN ISA device driver
wireshark-filter - Wireshark filter syntax and reference
null, zero - data sink