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       DOC - (Pilot standard text document) file format


       struct doc_record0 {      /* 16 bytes total */
            Word   version;      /* 1 = plain text, 2 = compressed text */
            Word   reserved1;
            DWord  doc_size;     /* uncompressed size in bytes */
            Word   num_recs;     /* not counting itself */
            Word   rec_size;     /* in bytes: usually 4096 (4K) */
            DWord  reserved2;


       The  Doc  file  format is the standard text document format used by all
       models of the Palm Pilot.  A Doc file is a  pdb(4)  file:  this  manual
       page describes only those aspects specific to Doc files.

       A  Doc  file  consists of 0 to num_recs records; record 0 is the header
       for the document.  (This header is distinct from  the  pdb(4)  header.)
       The   remaining  records  contain  text,  either  plain  or  compressed
       depending upon version.

   Word Sizes
       In the synopsis above, the types ‘‘Word’’ and ‘‘DWord’’ are  used  just
       as  in  the  Pilot  headers.   The  type  ‘‘Word’’ is 16 bits; the type
       ‘‘DWord’’ is 32 bits.  Both are in big-endian format.

   Compression Format
       A character ‘‘c’’ in a compressed record is in one of four classes:

       01-08     Copy ‘‘c’’ bytes

       00,09-7F  Self

       80-BF     Sequence

       C0-FF     A space plus the ASCII character ‘‘c ^ 0x80’’


       txt2pdbdoc(1), html2pdbtxt(1), pdbtxt2html(1), pdb(4)

       Christopher Bey and Kathleen Dupre.  Palm  File  Format  Specification,
       Document Number 3008-003, Palm, Inc., May 16, 2000.


       Paul J. Lucas <>

txt2pdbdoc                     January 21, 2005                         DOC(4)