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       sisusb - SiS USB video driver


       Section "Device"
         Identifier "devname"
         Driver "sisusb"


       sisusb  is  an  Xorg  driver for SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems) video
       chips that are connected via a Net2280-based USB dongle. The driver  is
       not  accelerated,  but provides support for colordepths of 8, 16 and 24
       bpp as well as Render and other extensions.


       The sisusb driver supports USB  video  cards  based  on  the  following


       The  SiS315E/PRO  features  two  CRT  controllers.  However, in its USB
       version, only the first output, referred to as "CRT1", is being used.


       Please refer to xorg.conf(5) for general configuration details  and  to
       sis(4)  for  more information. This manpage only covers a subset of the
       supported options.

       Detailed information on  all  supported  options  can  be  obtained  at

       Please  note  that  this  driver requires a Linux kernel driver as well
       which is included in Linux 2.6.12 and later, as well  as  available  at
       the aforementioned website.

       The following driver Options are supported:

       Option "HWCursor" "boolean"
              Enable  or disable the hardware cursor. It is not recommended to
              disable the hardware cursor as this will increase the amount  of
              data transferred over the USB. Default: HWCursor is on.

       Option "SWCursor" "boolean"
              The  opposite of HWCursor. This enables or disables the software
              cursor. This sort of cursor is slower because the  pointer  must
              be  painted into the graphics display. This increases the amount
              of  data  transferred  over  the  USB  significantly.   Default:
              SWCursor is off.

       Option "CRT1Gamma" "boolean"
              Enable  or  disable gamma correction.  Default: Gamma correction
              is on.

       Option "DisconnectTimeout" "integer"
              This  option  determines  how  the  driver  will  react   to   a
              disconnection  of the USB device. If the integer supplied is -1,
              the  driver  will  abort   the   X   server   immediately   upon
              disconnection.  If  the  value given is 0, the driver will probe
              for a re-connection every 2 seconds and in case  the  device  is
              detected, re-establish the display. If the value is greater than
              0, the driver will do this re-probing within the given number of
              seconds  and  abort  the server if it does not detect the device
              within this time-out.  Default:  0  (probe  forever  for  device




       Xorg(1), xorg.conf(5), Xserver(1), X(7), sis(4)  for  more information and


       Author: Thomas Winischhofer