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       dwww-convert - convert files to HTML for dwww


       dwww-convert [--no-path-info] type location


       dwww-convert  is part of the dwww package, which provides access to on-
       line documentation on a Debian system via WWW.   dwww-convert  converts
       documentation  to  HTML  so  that  it can be viewed with a WWW browser.
       dwww-convert is usually run by the WWW server, but can also be  run  by

       The type argument gives the type of the file, one of:

       file   An  arbitrary  file; the type is guessed using simple heuristics
              based on the filename.

       dir    A directory.  If the directory contains the file  index.html  or
              index.htm  that  file  will be returned. Otherwise, A listing of
              the files in the directory is generated.

       html   An HTML file.  The file is returned as is.

       man    A manual page.  The location is the pathname of the nroff source

       runman A  manual page.  The location is the name of the manual page and
              its section, separated by a slash.  For  example,  the  location
              would be intro/1 to refer to the intro(1) manual page.

       info   An Info file.

       text   A plain text file (using the ISO-8859-1 character set).

       An unknown file type is treated as text.

       The location argument gives the filename of the file.  The name must be
       complete, i.e., it must start at the root directory (/).  The name must
       not  contain  any  symbolic links (cf.  realpath(1)).  The file must be
       located in or below a directory that has been  allowed  by  the  system
       administrator; see dwww(7) for more info.

       The   file   may  be  compressed  with  gzip(1)  or  bzip2(1).   It  is
       uncompressed automatically and invisibly.  Compression is indicated  by
       a filename that ends in ‘.gz’ or ‘.bz2’.


              Internal   option   used   by  the  dwww’s  CGI  script  to  let
              dwww-convert know, that the arguments following  the  option  do
              not come from the PATH_INFO variable, but from the QUERY_STRING.


              Configuration file for dwww.  See dwww(7) for more  information.


       dwww(7), dwww-txt2html(8), dwww-build(8), dwww-cache(8).


       Lars Wirzenius.  Modified by Robert Luberda.
       See dwww(7) for copyrights and stuff.