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       dwww-txt2html - simple txt to HTML converter for dwww


       dwww-txt2html [--man] [--utf8] [file]


       dwww-txt2html is part of the dwww package, which provides access to on-
       line documentation on a Debian system via WWW.

       dwww-txt2html is a very simple text to HTML filter, which reads text to
       convert from a file argument if was given or stdin otherwise.  Converts
       ‘<’, ‘>’, and ‘&’ properly. Adds <pre> and </pre> tags, but it does not
       add <html> or <body> tags.  Handles backspace characters.
       Converts  local man pages and documentation files references to anchors
       and adds links for both http and ftp sites, mail  addresses  or  Debian
       ‘closes: #bug_no’ statements (e.g. closes: #100000).

       dwww-txt2html is usually run by the dwww-convert(8) command.


       --man  Input is an uncompressed manual page.

       --utf8 Input is encoded in UTF-8.


       dwww(7), dwww-convert(8), dwww-cache(8).


       Lars Wirzenius. Modified and improved by Robert Luberda.
       See dwww(7) for copyrights and stuff.