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       aa_autoinitmouse - easy to use AA-lib mouse initialization function.


       #include <aalib.h>

       int aa_autoinitmouse
            struct aa_context *c,
            int mode


       struct aa_context *c
              Specifies the AA-lib context to operate on.

       int mode
              Mask  of  extra  features  you  request.   No  such features are
              available in the current AA-lib version.


       Attempts to find available mouse driver supporting the specified  mode.
       First  attempts to initialize the recommended drivers and then in order
       drivers available  in  the  aa_kbddrivers  array  (all  regular  output
       drivers compiled into AA-lib).


       1 when succesfull or 0 on failure.


       save_d(3),    mem_d(3),    aa_help(3),    aa_formats(3),   aa_fonts(3),
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