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       aa_autoinitkbd - easy to use AA-lib keyboard initialization function.


       #include <aalib.h>

       int aa_autoinitkbd
            struct aa_context *context,
            int mode


       struct aa_context *context
              Specifies the AA-lib context to operate on.

       int mode
              Mask  of  extra features you request. Can contain AA_SENDRELEASE
              if you are interested in release events too.


       Attempts to find available keyboard  driver  supporting  the  specified
       mode.  First attempts to initialize the recommended drivers and then in
       order drivers available in the aa_kbddrivers array (all regular  output
       drivers compiled into AA-lib).

       Every AA-lib program ought to have call to aa_parseoptions before first
       call to aa_init.


       1 when succesfull or 0 on failure.


       save_d(3),   mem_d(3),    aa_help(3),    aa_formats(3),    aa_fonts(3),
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