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       gl_setcontextvga - set the context to the physical screen


       #include <vgagl.h>

       int gl_setcontextvga(int mode);


       Set  the  graphics  context  to  the  physical screen of a vga mode (as
       defined in vga_setmode(3)).  The mode must be set  with  vga_setmode(3)
       prior  to using any of the drawing functions.  vgagl does not take care
       of that.

       The function returns 0 for success and non-zero  if  the  mode  is  not
       supported by the hardware.

       The only thing you can do with a planar (mode X-like) 256 color mode is
       aligned gl_putbox, and use it as a target for gl_copyscreen.

       In all of the svga modes this program makes a description  of  the  vga
       mode  available  to  the  vgagl functions.  The 256 color svgamodes are
       handled properly by this program.


       svgalib(7),   vgagl(7),   svgalib.conf(5),   threedkit(7),   testgl(1),
       currentcontext(3),   gl_allocatecontext(3),   gl_copyboxfromcontext(3),
       gl_copyboxtocontext(3),      gl_copyscreen(3),       gl_freecontext(3),
       gl_line(3), gl_getcontext(3), gl_setcontext(3), gl_setcontextheight(3),
       gl_setcontextvgavirtual(3),                    gl_setcontextvirtual(3),


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       original  documentation  is  unknown.   This  page  was modified by Don
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       It is very likely that both are at least to some extent are due to Harm
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