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       makexml - Generate a video disc structure XML description


       makexml generates XML output describing an (S)VCD or DVD file structure
       and  navigation  hierarchy  in  the  format   expected   by   dvdauthor
       (             or            vcdxbuild


       makexml [OPTIONS] VIDEOS -out OUTFILE

       For example:

         $ makexml -menu MainMenu.mpg \
             Season1.mpg Season2.mpg Featurettes.mpg \
             -out MyDisc


       -dvd (default)
              Generate the XML for a DVD disc, to be used  with  dvdauthor  or

       -vcd   Generate  the  XML  for a VCD disc, to be used with vcdxbuild or

       -svcd  Generate the XML for an SVCD disc, to be used with vcdxbuild  or

              Overwrite any existing output files.

       -quiet Limit output to essential messages.

       VIDEOS may be any of the following:

       <file list>
              List of one or more video files to include, separated by spaces.
              At minimum, a DVD must have one video file. You  can  use  shell
              wildcards  (i.e., "*.mpg") to include multiple files easily. Put
              filenames in quotes if they have spaces in them.

       -menu VIDEO <file list>
              Use video file VIDEO as a menu from which you can jump  to  each
              of the listed video files. If you have multiple menus, include a
              top menu so they are reachable.

       -slides <file list>
              Create a slide-show of still images

       DVD-only options

       -group <file list> -endgroup
              (DVD only) List of video files to include as one  single  title.
              This  is  useful  if  you  have split a movie into several video

       -topmenu VIDEO [-menu VIDEO <file list>] [-menu VIDEO <file list>]...
              (DVD only) Use video file VIDEO for the top-level  (VMGM)  menu.
              The  top  menu  will  jump  to each of the subsequent [-menu...]
              videos listed.  Use this only if you have multiple sub-menus  to
              jump to. You can only have one top menu.

              (DVD only) Forces the creation of a separate titleset per title.
              This is useful if the titles  of  a  DVD  have  different  video
              formats,  e.g.  PAL  +  NTSC  or 4:3 + 16:9. If used with menus,
              there must be a -topmenu option that specifies a menu file  with
              an entry for each of the titlesets.

       -chapters INTERVAL
              (DVD  only)  Creates a chapter every INTERVAL minutes (default 5
              minutes: without -chapters, each  movie  will  be  divided  into
              5-minute chapters).  This option can be put at any position in a
              <file list> and is valid for all subsequent titles until  a  new
              -chapters  option  is  encountered.   Using this option may take
              some time, since the duration of the video is calculated.

              (DVD only) Don't create chapters for the videos.

       OUT_PREFIX is the file that will receive the resulting XML.


       makexml checks to make sure the video filenames you give it exist,  but
       it  does  not  check whether they are valid for the chosen disc format.
       MPEG videos of menus should have the specified number  of  buttons  for
       reaching  each  of  the  videos,  and,  if  you're using DVD, should be
       multiplexed with their corresponding  subtitles  using  spumux  of  the
       dvdauthor  0.6.0 package prior to authoring using dvdauthor. If you use
       the makemenu (makemenu.html)  component  to  generate  the  menu,  this
       should all be handled for you.


       makexml -dvd title-1.mpg title-2.mpg title-3.mpg -out My_DVD
              Make  a  DVD  without  a  menu.  Title  1, 2, and 3 will play in

       makexml -dvd -group chapter-1.mpg chapter-2.mpg chapter-3.mpg -endgroup
       -out My_DVD
              Group the file chapter-1|2|3.mpg into one title and make  a  DVD
              without a menu.

       makexml  -dvd  -menu main_menu.mpg -chapters 3 movie-1.mpg -chapters 10
       movie-2.mpg -out My_DVD
              Make  a  DVD  with  a  main menu that points to two movies, with
              movie-1.mpg divided into 3-minute chapters, and movie-2.mpg into
              10-minute chapters.


       idvid(1),    makedvd(1),    makemenu(1),   makeslides(1),   makevcd(1),
       makexml(1), postproc(1), tovid(1), todisc(1)


       For further assistance,  contact  information,  forum  and  IRC  links,
       please refer to the tovid homepage (

                                                             MAKEXML MANUAL(1)