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       makedvd  -  Create  and  burn  a  DVD  image from either XML input or a


       makedvd takes a dvdauthor XML file (as  generated  by  makexml(1))  and
       authors  a  DVD filesytem. makedvd can also burn a DVD disc from either
       the XML file or from an existing DVD filesystem.

       To ensure that this script successfully executes, please run it from  a
       directory  with  plenty  of  free  space.  "Plenty"  would be 10 GB for
       single-layer discs, and 20  GB  for  dual-layer  discs.   Running  this
       program  may  slow  down  your  other applications, due to intense disk


       makedvd [OPTIONS] FILE.xml

       makedvd [OPTIONS] DVD_DIR

       For example:

       makedvd -burn MyDisc.xml

       makedvd -burn /path/to/DVD/directory


              Author the DVD described by  FILE.xml.  Overwrites  an  existing
              directory containing the dvdauthor output if already present.

       -burn  Burn  a  DVD  filesystem  in  DVD_DIR  (must  contain a VIDEO_TS

       -device DEVICE (default /dev/dvdrw)
              Burn the disc image to DEVICE, the Linux device filesystem  name
              of  your  DVD-recorder.  Common  examples  might  be /dev/dvdrw,
              /dev/scd1, and /dev/hdc. You can also use  a  bus/id/lun  triple
              such as ATAPI:0,1,0

       -speed NUM (default 1)
              Burn disc at speed NUM.

       -label DISC_LABEL
              Uses DISC_LABEL as the volume ID. This appears as the mount name
              of  the  disc  on  some  computer  platforms.   Must   be   <=32
              alphanumeric digits without spaces.

       -quiet Limit output to essential messages.

       -noask Don't  ask  interactive  questions  and assume answers that will
              continue execution.


       makedvd -burn -device /dev/dvdrw foo.xml
              Author the dvd filesystem and burn to /dev/dvdrw.  makedvd  will
              automatically  call dvdauthor to make the filesystem. -author is
              not explicitly needed. If there's  an  existing  filesystem,  it
              will be burned.

       makedvd -author foo.xml
              Author  the  dvd  filesystem  and  exit  without burning. If the
              output directory given  in  foo.xml  already  exists,  then  the
              contents  are  removed  before authoring. At this point, the DVD
              can be previewed by calling xine  dvd:/path/to/output/directory.


       idvid(1),    makedvd(1),    makemenu(1),   makeslides(1),   makevcd(1),
       makexml(1), postproc(1), tovid(1), todisc(1)


       For further assistance,  contact  information,  forum  and  IRC  links,
       please refer to the tovid homepage (

                                                             MAKEDVD MANUAL(1)