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       create_bmp_for_symmetrical_stripline   -   bitmap  generator  for  thin
       conductor between two infinite groundplanes (part of atlc)


       create_bmp_for_symmetrical_stripline [-v] W H w bitmapfile


       This man page is not a complete set of documentation -  the  complexity
       of  the  atlc  project makes man pages not an ideal way to document it,
       although out  of  completeness,  man  pages  are  produced.   The  best
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       documentation - even spelling errors and typos, please let me know.


       create_bmp_for_symmetrical_stripline is a pre-processor for  atlc,  the
       finite difference program that is used to calculate the properties of a
       two-conductor electrical transmission line of arbitrary cross  section.
       The  program create_bmp_for_symmetrical_stripline is used as a fast way
       of generating bitmaps (there is no need to use a graphics program), for
       a  1  pixel thick conductor of width w, centrally located inside a pair
       of groundplanes of  width  W  and  separation  H.  This  has  an  exact
       analytical answer, when the inner is infinitely thin and the width W is
       infinitely wide. This theoretical impedance is also calculated  by  the
       create_bmp_for_symmetrical_stripline. It is therefore used as a test of

       -----------------------------------------------------  ^
       |                                                   |  |
       |                                                   |  |
       |              <----------w----------->             |  |
       |                                                   |  H
       |                                                   |  |
       |                                                   |  |
       -----------------------------------------------------  v

       The parameters ’W’ and ’H’  and  the  inner  dimensions  of  the  outer
       conductor.   The  outer  dimensions  of the inner conductor are ’w’ and
       ’c’. The inner conductor is assumed to rest on a dielectric (Er2) which
       is  ’d’  wide  and outer conductor an the inner conductor is offset ’b’
       from the left hand sidewall of the outer conductor. The whole region is
       surrounded   by  a  dielectric  of  relative  permittivity  ’Er1’.  The
       dielectrics ’Er1’ and then ’Er1’ and ’Er2’ will both be 1.0

       The bitmaps produced by create_bmp_for_symmetrical_stripline are 24-bit
       bit    colour   bitmaps,   as   are   required   by   atlc.   Currently
       create_bmp_for_symmetrical_stripline only produces bitmaps  with  white
       (vacuum) dielectrics.


       Print  the theoeretical impedance Zo. This only works if the width W is
       sufficiently wide, otherwise atlc and  the  value  printed  here  would
       disagree wildly.


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Dr. David Kirkby         atlc-4.6.0 8thcreatebbmp2for_symmetrical_stripline(1)