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       create_bmp_for_stripline_coupler  -  bitmap  generator for coupler with
       thin striplines between two infinitely wide groundplanes (part of atlc)


       create_bmp_for_stripline_coupler  [-C]  [-b  bitmapsize]  [-v] H w s Er


       This man page is not a complete set of documentation -  the  complexity
       of  the  atlc  project makes man pages not an ideal way to document it,
       although out  of  completeness,  man  pages  are  produced.   The  best
       documentation  that  was  current  at the time the version was produced
       should be found on your hard drive, usually at
       although it might be elsewhere if your system  administrator  chose  to
       install  the  package elsewhere. Sometimes, errors are corrected in the
       documentation and placed at before  a  new
       release  of atlc is released.  Please, if you notice a problem with the
       documentation - even spelling errors and typos, please let me know.


       create_bmp_for_stripline_coupler  is  a  pre-processor  for  atlc,  the
       finite difference program that is used to calculate the properties of a
       two and three conductor  electrical  transmission  lines  of  arbitrary
       cross  section. The program create_bmp_for_stripline_coupler is used as
       a fast way of generating bitmaps (there is no need to  use  a  graphics
       program),  for  a pair of 1 pixel thick conductors of width w, spaced a
       distance s apart, inside a pair of groundplanes of  separation H.  This
       has  an  exact analytical answer, when the inner is infinitely thin and
       the overall width W is infinitely wide. This theoretical  impedance  is
       calculated  and  printed  to  stderr  if  the  -v  option  is  given on
       create_bmp_for_stripline_coupler’s command line.

       -----------------------------------------------------  ^
       |                                                   |  |
       |                  Er                               |  |
       |                                                   |  |
       |            -----------       -----------          |  H
       |            <----w----><--s--><----w---->          |  |
       |                                                   |  |
       |                                                   |  |
       |                                                   |  |
       -----------------------------------------------------  v

       The overall width W is calculated internally to be  large  enough  that
       making  it  any larger will have negligible effect on the results.  The
       dielectric is assumed that of vacuum.

       The bitmaps produced by create_bmp_for_stripline_coupler are 24-bit bit
       colour bitmaps, as are required by atlc.


       Print the full copyright information and exit.

       -b bitmapsize
       is  used  to  set  the size of the bitmap, and so the accuracy to which
       atlc is able to calculate the coupler’s properties. The  default  value
       for  ’bitmapsize’  is  normally  18 although this can be set at compile
       time. (see ’DEFAULT_COUPLER_BITMAP_SIZE’ in definitions.h).  The  value
       can  be  set anywhere from 6 to 28. The size of bitmap produced will be
       between 2^(bitmapsize-1) and 2^(bitmapsize+1), so if its set to 28  the
       bitmap  could  be  as  big  as  512 Mb, which would take an eternity to

       Print some extra data to stdout on the  theoretical  impedance  of  the
       structure.  This  is  useful  to compare with the numerical result from


       In the first example, a standard coupler is created, where the

       eg1. create_bmp_for_stripline_coupler  1.23 0.7 1.2 1.0  coupler.bmp
       eg2. create_bmp_for_stripline_coupler -b 8 1.23 0.7 3.3  small.bmp
       eg3. create_bmp_for_stripline_coupler -v 12 1.23 0.7 4.8  theory.bmp


       atlc(1)  create_bmp_for_circ_in_circ(1)  create_bmp_for_circ_in_rect(1)
       create_bmp_for_microstrip_coupler(1) create_bmp_for_rect_cen_in_rect(1)
       create_bmp_for_rect_in_circ(1)           create_bmp_for_rect_in_rect(1)
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       find_optimal_dimensions_for_microstrip_coupler(1) readbin(1)                - Home page       - Download area
       atlc-X.Y.Z/docs/html-docs/index.html       - HTML docs
       atlc-X.Y.Z/docs/qex-december-1996/atlc.pdf - theory paper
       atlc-X.Y.Z/examples                        - examples


       Dr. David Kirkby PhD, drkirkby at


       Copyright (c) 2002 Dr. David Kirkby.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published  by  the
       Free  Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
       option) any later version.  This program is  distributed  in  the  hope
       that  it  will  be  useful,  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the
       implied  warranty  of  MERCHANTABILITY  or  FITNESS  FOR  A  PARTICULAR
       PURPOSE.   See  the  GNU  General Public License for more details.  You
       should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License  (in  the
       file COPYING) along with this program. You may get a full copy of it by
       running the program with the -C option. Otherwise you can write to  the
       Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
       02111-1307, USA.

Dr. David Kirkby           atlc-.4.6.0  6thcreate0bmp_for_stripline_coupler(1)