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       wwwoffled - A proxy server for the World Wide Web Offline Explorer.


       wwwoffled [-h|--help] [--version] [-c <config-file>] [-d [<log-level>]]
       [-l <log-file>] [-f] [-p]


       wwwoffled is a proxy  HTTP  server  for  the  World  Wide  Web  Offline
       Explorer program.  Using a standard web browser with the HTTP proxy set
       to the wwwoffled server, web pages can be requested while not connected
       to the internet.

       When  the  computer is connected to the internet, the server will fetch
       the web pages requested by the browser  and  also  store  them  in  the
       cache.   When  the  computer is not connected, browsing of the pages in
       the cache is still possible, and links can be  followed.   This  causes
       the request for the page to be stored by the proxy server until a later
       time when the computer is connected and  the  pages  are  fetched  non-

       Pages that are requested from a server on the same host (localhost) are
       not cached, and are always fetched fresh from the server.

       There is a welcome page at the URL http://localhost:8080/ that contains
       some  information  about  the  program  and  links  to the cache index,
       interactive  refresh  page,  interactive  control  page  and   WWWOFFLE
       internet home page.

       The  pages that are stored in the cache can be indexed by using the URL
       http://localhost:8080/index/ to get a  list  of  the  hosts  that  have
       cached  pages.   The  index  allows  sorting  of the pages into time or
       alphabetical order, by following links from this page.  There  is  also
       indexes available showing the pages that have been modified in the last
       week, those fetched last  time  online  and  those  requests  that  are
       waiting to be fetched next time online.

       The  functions available from the wwwoffle(1) program for fetching URLs
       are   also   available   in   the   interactive   refresh    page    at

       The  functions  available  from the wwwoffle(1) program for controlling
       the wwwoffled program are also available  in  the  interactive  control
       page at http://localhost:8080/control/.


       -h | --help
              A  help  message  is  printed  giving a brief description of the
              usage of the program.

              The version number of the program is printed.

       -c <config-file>
              The configuration for the program is stored in  a  configuration
              file  wwwoffle.conf(5).   This argument specifies to the program
              the name of that file.  Sending a HUP signal to the daemon  will
              cause this config file to be re-read.

       -d [<log-level>]
              Do  not  detach from the terminal when starting and report error
              messages on standard error.  The log-level is a  number  from  0
              (for  no  output  on  stderr) to 6 (for full debugging output on
              stderr).  If this is not specified then  the  log-level  in  the
              config file is used.

       -l <log-file>
              Detach from the terminal but write to a log file what would have
              been written to stderr if the -d option had been used.  Defaults
              to  using  a  log level of 4, but using the -d option can change
              this (but it will still detach).  Sending a HUP  signal  to  the
              daemon will cause this log file to be closed and re-opened.

       -f     Start the daemon in debugging mode (implies -d and overrides -l)
              and when the first HTTP  request  comes  in  handle  it  without
              creating a child process and then exit.

       -p     Print  the  pid  of the daemon process on stdout. This option is
              ignored if the -d or -f options are used.


       /etc/wwwoffle/wwwoffle.conf The wwwoffle.conf(5) configuration file.


       wwwoffle(1), wwwoffle.conf(5)


       Andrew        M.        Bishop        1996,97,98,99,2000,01,02,03,04,05

                               October 12, 2005                   wwwoffled(8)