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       warnquota - send mail to users over quota


       warnquota [ -ugsid ] [ -F quotaformat ] [ -q quotatab ] [ -c configfile
       ] [ -a adminsfile ]


       warnquota checks the disk quota for each local filesystem and  mails  a
       warning message to those users who have reached their softlimit.  It is
       typically run via cron(8).

       -F, --format=quotaformat
              Perform setting for specified format (ie. don’t  perform  format
              autodetection).   Possible  format  names  are:  vfsold Original
              quota format with 16-bit UIDs / GIDs, vfsv0  Quota  format  with
              32-bit  UIDs  / GIDs, 64-bit space usage, 32-bit inode usage and
              limits, vfsv1 Quota format with 64-bit quota limits  and  usage,
              rpc (quota over NFS), xfs (quota on XFS filesystem)

       -q, --quota-tab=quotatab
              Use  quotatab  instead  of  /etc/quotatab  as  file  with device
              description strings (see example file for syntax).

       -c, --config=configfile
              Use configfile instead of /etc/warnquota.conf  as  configuration
              file (see example file for syntax).

       -a, --admins-file=adminsfile
              Use  adminsfile  instead  of  /etc/quotagrpadmins as a file with
              administrators of the groups.

       -u, --user
              check whether users are not exceeding quotas (default).

       -g, --group
              check whether groups are  not  exceeding  quotas.  If  group  is
              exceeding  quota  a  mail  is  sent  to  the  user  specified in

       -s, --human-readable
              Try to report used space, number of used inodes  and  limits  in
              more appropriate units than the default ones.

       -i, --no-autofs
              ignore mountpoints mounted by automounter.

       -d, --no-details
              do not attach quota report in email.


       aquota.user         quota file at the filesystem root (version 2 quota,
                           non-XFS filesystems)
       quota.user          quota file at the filesystem root (version 1 quota,
                           non-XFS filesystems)
       /etc/warnquota.conf configuration file
       /etc/quotatab       device description
       /etc/quotagrpadmins administrators of the groups
       /etc/mtab           default filesystems
       /etc/passwd         default set of users


       quota(1), cron(8), edquota(8).


       warnquota(8)  was written by Marco van Wieringen <>,
       modifications by Jan Kara <>.  This reference page  written
       by Heiko Schlittermann <>, modifications by Jan Kara