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       rpl8 - Firmware loader for DVD drives


       rpl8 /dev/cdrom [-[dump-only]|firmwarefile]


       rpl8  is  a  program for Linux 2.4 and upwards that uploads firmware to
       DVD drives (mostly DVD+RW).

       rpl8 stands for RICOH Program Loader 8, though it also supports Program
       Loader 9.

       The program never updates Program Loader code so that you should always
       be able to downgrade your firmware in case something goes wrong.

       So far rpl8 has been tested with the following:
       * HP dvd100i
       * Ricoh MP5120A
       * Philips DVDRW208
       * HP dvd200i

       To  run  rpl8  correctly,  make  sure  you  have  no  media  in  drive.
       Optionally  go  to  single user mode and reboot after uploading the new


              Only backs up the firmware.  Note that you might have to  reboot
              even after this.


       Getting messages like this is "normal"

              ide-scsi:  Strange,  packet  command  initiated  yet  DRQ  isn’t


       rpl8 is in public domain.

       This manual page was written by Elias Kunnas  <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                               15 September 2005                       rpl8(8)