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       register-stardata   -  Install  or  remove  star  data  catalogues  and
       astronomy programs


       register-stardata       [option]       {install|remove}  {all|stardata}


       register-stardata  is  a  program to convert star data catalogues, that
       conform to the stardata-common  policy,  to  astronomy  programs’  data
       formats automatically on package install and removal.
       stardata-common  is  a  common  framework  to  manage the insertion and
       removal of star data catalogues  in  a  Debian  system.   This  program
       liberates  the  user  from  managing the installation and conversion of
       star  data  catalogues  to  the  astronomy  programs’   data   formats,
       converting them automatically during the installation and removing them
       at uninstall.


       -q --quiet
              Don’t output any messages.

              Output detailed syntax.

       --help Output help information and exit.

              Output version information and exit.




       To make the yale stardata catalogue available in formats understood  by
       all astronomy programs available in the system:

       register-stardata install yale all

       To remove the starplot format versions of all catalogues installed:

       register-stardata remove all starplot


       Francisco Garcia Claramonte <>

Francisco Garcia <>   register-stardata(8)