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       netxml-ups  -  Driver  for  Eaton  /MGE Network Management Card / Proxy
       (XML/HTTP Protocol) equipment


       This man page only documents  the  hardware-specific  features  of  the
       netxml-ups   driver.   For  information  about  the  core  driver,  see


       netxml-ups support all recent Eaton / MGE models which  use  a  Network
       Management Card or Proxy (MGE XML/HTTP protocol based). This applies to
       both Eaton (previously MGE Office Protection Systems) and  to  MGE  UPS
       SYSTEMS.  Supported card and proxy models are:

           NMC Minislot (Ref 66102, firmware EA or newer),
           SNMP/Web Minislot card (Ref 66244)
           NMC Transverse (Ref 66074),
           NMC & Modbus/JBus (Ref 66103),
           Network Management Proxy,
           ePDU Monitored (newer version).

       Older models, such as SNMP card (Ref 66062 and Ref 66045), use the SNMP
       protocol and  should  use  the  snmp-ups  driver  with  the  "mibs=mge"


       This   driver   supports   the   following  optional  settings  in  the

              The timeout for connecting to and reading from the UPS. Defaults
              to  5  seconds.  Don't change this value unless you know exactly
              what you're doing.

              This value must never be  higher  than  half  the  MAXAGE  value
              specified  in  upsd.conf(5),  otherwise  you  risk  that upsd(8)
              declares the driver stale while it is waiting for  a  connection
              to timeout.

              Set  the  login  value for authenticated mode. This feature also
              needs the password argument, and allows value  settings  in  the
              card.  This feature is not used yet.

              Set  the password value, needed with the login for authenticated
              mode.  This feature is not used yet.


       The hostname of the UPS is specified with the "port" value in ups.conf,

                 driver = netxml-ups
                 port =

       Specifying  the  method  how  to  connect  to  the UPS (http, https) is
       mandatory.  If the  port  is  equal  to  the  default  for  the  method
       specified (80 for http, 443 for https) it may be omitted.

       In  order not to overload older NMCs by polling them too frequently, it
       is recommended to increase the "pollinterval"  (see  nutupsdrv(8))  and
       ups.conf(5)) to at least 5 seconds.


       Don't  connect to the UPS through a proxy. Although it would be trivial
       to add support for proxies, this is not recommended and don't  ask  for
       it.  Not  only  because it will prevent the driver to make a persistent
       connection to the UPS, but also it adds an additional failure mode.  If
       the proxy goes down (for whatever reason), the driver will no longer be
       able to reach the UPS.


       Arjen de Korte <>


   The core driver:

   Internet resources:
       The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page:

                                Mon Aug 10 2009                  netxml-ups(8)