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       mwavem - Mwave/ACP modem support daemon


       mwavem [ <conffile> ]


       mwavem  implements  a  Hayes-compatible V.90 modem in the International
       Business Machines  Corp.  (IBM)  3780i  Mwave  Advanced  Communications
       Processor  (Mwave/ACP)  Digital  Signal  Processor  (DSP) chip which is
       built in to  certain  IBM  ThinkPad  laptop  computers,  including  the
       ThinkPad 600, 600E and 770.

       mwavem  runs  in  user  space,  loading  the  DSP  with instructions as
       required.  It must have adequate permission to access the mwave  device
       node  associated  with the mwave kernel device driver.  The driver code
       is included in the  latest  (as  of  January  2002)  2.4  Linux  kernel
       sources.   To  build  the  module,  set "ACP/Mwave Modem support" under
       "Character devices" to "m" at kernel configuration time.   Source  code
       is  available  from  IBM which can be used to build a module compatible
       with earlier kernels.

       <conffile>  is  the  mwavem  configuration  file.    The   default   is
       /etc/mwavem.conf.     (In    Debian,    the   configuration   file   is


       /etc/mwavem.conf    the configuration file
       /dev/mwave          the mwave device

       If you are using devfs then the mwave device driver  creates  a  device
       node  at /dev/misc/mwave.  devfsd must therefore be configured so as to
       create a symbolic link from /dev/mwave to /dev/misc/mwave.  If you  are
       not  using  devfs then /dev/mwave must be a char device node with major
       number 10, minor number 219.


       Only  the 3780i chip is supported.  Earlier Mwave DSPs, which were used
       for sound generation as well as modem functionality, are not supported.


       mwavem was written by  Paul  Schroeder  <>  and  Mike
       Sullivan <>

                            Version 1.0 - July 2001                  mwavem(8)