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       mount.wikipediafs  —  A program to mount WikipediaFS, a filesystem that
       allows to view and edit Wikipedia articles as if they were real  files.


       mount.wikipediafs mountpoint


       This  manual  page  documents the mount.wikipediafs         command and
       general usage of WikipediaFS.

       WikipediaFS allows to view and edit Wikipedia articles as if they  were
       real files. mount.wikipediafs mounts a WikipediaFS filesystem.

       To  connect  through  an HTTP proxy, it possible to use the $http_proxy
       environment variable.


       The first time  WikipediaFS  is  run,  an  XML  configuration  file  is
       generated in ~/.wikipediafs/config.xml. It is possible to edit it later
       to add more Wikipedia or Mediawiki-based sites.  Each  site  entry  can
       define the following elements. Elements marked with an * are mandatory.

       dirname*  Is the name of the directory through which you will access to
                 the site.

       host*     Is the host of the site.

       basename* Is  the  base  of urls used by the site. Most of the time, it
                 will  be   /dir/where/mediawiki/is/installed/index.php.   For
                 Wikipedia, it will be /w/index.php.

       username and password
                 Enables to edit articles with one’s login.

       httpauth_username and httpauth_password
                 Can   be   used  for  Mediawiki  sites  protected  with  HTTP
                 authentication (Apache’s .htaccess).

       https     Use HTTPS instead of HTTP.


       mount.wikipediafs mountpoint/

       To run mount.wikipediafs without root privileges, you may have  to  set
       the  right  permissions  for  /usr/bin/fusermount and /dev/fuse if your
       distribution has not already done it for you. For example,

       # adduser your_username fuse

       # chmod 4750 /usr/bin/fusermount

       # chgrp fuse /dev/fuse /usr/bin/fusermount

       (You may have to log out and log in again so  that  changes  are  taken
       into account.)


       fusermount -u mountpoint/

       or simply

       umount mountpoint/


       Alternatively, you can mount WikipediaFS through fstab.

       To do so, add this line to /etc/fstab:

       none /mnt/wfs/ wikipediafs noauto,nouser

       Replace noauto by auto if you want WikipediaFS to be mounted at boot.

       Replace  nouser  by  user  if  you  want  to  allow simple users to use

       A     symbolic     link     from     /usr/bin/mount.wikipediafs      to
       /sbin/mount.wikipediafs  is  needed  if  WikipediaFS is mounted through

       Then,  traditional  mount  and  unmount  commands  can  be  used   with


       This section demonstrates possible usage of WikipediaFS via the command
       line, though it is also possible to use WikipediaFS  with  a  graphical
       file explorer.

       $ mount /mnt/wfs/

       WikipediaFS is now mounted in /mnt/wfs/

       $ cd /mnt/wfs/

       We are now at the WikipediaFS root.

       $ ls

       This directory has been defined in the configuration file.

       $ mkdir wikipedia-en/

       WikipediaFS  recognizes  the "site-lang" pattern for the sites from the
       Wikimedia Foundation.

       $ ls  wikipedia-en/

       $ ls wikipedia-en/

       Nothing is listed because we have not used any file yet.

       $ cat wikipedia-en/ | less

       The Japan article is fetched on  and  displayed.  Note
       that the .mw extension is required.

       $ ls wikipedia-en/ is now listed because it has been accessed once.

       $ vi

       An  article  can  be  edited with a text editor. Looking at the article
       with a web browser, the changes have been performed correctly.

       To give a summary to your changes, use [[Summary: a sentence  summary]]
       in  the  body  of the article. It will be removed before the article is

       $ cp wikipedia-en/ ~/Desktop/

       This backups the online article to the local disk.

       $ cp wikipedia-en/

       This copies the wikipedia-en article to the entry.

       $ rm

       This only removes the article from the directory, not  from  the  site,

       $ mkdir -p

       $ vi

       Subpages are supported. You need to create the directories first.


       This manual page was written by Mathieu Blondel .

       This  manual  page  is  (c)  2006-2007 of Mathieu Blondel  and licensed
       under the terms of the GPLv2 or higher


       mount(8), fstab(5)