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       midentd - IDENT protocol server with masquerading support


       midentd [options]


       midentd is a server which implements the TCP/IP proposed standard IDENT
       user identification protocol as specified in  the  RFC  1413  document,
       with special support for masquerading firewalls.

       A  regular  identd  on a masquerading firewall will return an error for
       requests concerning  a  masqueraded  connection.  Midentd  solves  this
       problem.  When a request comes in, it checks it in /proc/net/tcp first,
       just like any regular identd will do. If it can’t find  the  connection
       there,  it  looks in /proc/net/ip_conntrack and tries to find it there.
       If it does, it will connect to the client that owns the connection  and
       ask the midentd there which user owns that connection. If midentd isn’t
       running on the client, it will try a normal ident request.

       When the client that initiated the masqueraded connection  doesn’t  run
       an identd or the connection times out, a faked reply will be generated.


       -u <username/uid>
           Tries to change the UID under which midentd is running.  When  used
           as standalone, this is a must.

       -f  Always fake replies, return a random name to every request.



       Peter   Surda   <>   and   Peter   van  Dijk
       <>. This manual page was originally written by  Thijs
       Kinkhorst <>, for the Debian system (but may be used
       by others).

                               17 November 2005                     midentd(8)