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       groupd - the group manager for fenced, dlm_controld and gfs_controld


       groupd [OPTION]...


       The  group  daemon,  groupd, provides a compatibility layer between the
       corosync  closed  process  group  (CPG)   service   and   the   fenced,
       dlm_controld    and    gfs_controld    daemons.     New   versions   of
       fenced/dlm_controld/gfs_controld no longer require this  compat  layer,
       and can run without groupd.  They use libcpg directly, making them much
       more  robust.   This  makes  them  incompatible  with  old   (cluster2)
       versions.  Explicitly enable the new incompatible mode with:

            <group groupd_compat="0"/>

       This   is   the   default  if  no  groupd_compat  setting  exists.   If
       compatibility with old (cluster2) nodes is necessary  (mixing  cluster2
       and  cluster3  nodes  should be avoided), the daemons can be run in the
       old mode, using groupd as before.  Enable this mode with:

            <group groupd_compat="1"/>

       To perform a  rolling  upgrade  from  cluster2  to  cluster3,  add  the
       groupd_compat="1" setting to cluster.conf before upgrading any existing
       nodes or adding any new cluster3  nodes.   The  next  time  the  entire
       cluster  is  shut down, after all nodes are upgraded, groupd_compat can
       be changed to 0 (or removed entirely).  Warning: groupd_compat must not
       be changed from 1 to 0 in a running cluster (or from 0 to 1).  cluster2
       nodes are equivalent  to  groupd_compat="1",  so  it  is  fine  to  add
       groupd_compat="1"  to  a running cluster2 cluster as described above to
       perform a rolling upgrade.

       A third option,  groupd_compat="2",  enables  a  special  phase  during
       startup  where  the  daemons  attempt  to  discover  cluster2  nodes or
       cluster3 nodes running in mode 1.  If any are found, they run  in  mode
       1,  otherwise  mode  0.  This mode will delay startup and makes cluster
       operation less predictable.

       The cman init script will not start the  groupd  daemon  unless  it  is
       needed, i.e. groupd_compat=1 (or 2).


       By  default,  log  messages  at  INFO  level and above are sent to both
       syslog(3)  and  /var/log/cluster/groupd.log.   For   complete   logging
       configuration options see cluster.conf(5).


       -D     Enable debugging to stderr and don’t fork

       -L     Enable debugging to log file (see above)

       -g <num>
              group compatibility mode, 0 off, 1 on, 2 detect
              0: use libcpg, no backward compat, best performance
              1: use libgroup for compat with cluster2/rhel5
              2: detect old, or mode 1, nodes that require compat

       -w <secs>
              seconds  to wait for a node’s version message before assuming an
              old version requiring compat mode

       -d <secs>
              seconds to delay the mode selection to  give  time  for  an  old
              version to join and force compat mode

       -V     Print the version information and exit.

       -h     Print  out  a  help  message  describing available options, then


       The groupd daemon keeps a circular buffer of debug messages that can be
       dumped with the ’group_tool dump’ command.