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       gfs2_convert - Convert a GFS1 filesystem to GFS2


       gfs2_convert [OPTION]... DEVICE


       gfs2_convert  is used to convert a filesystem from GFS1 to GFS2. Do not
       attempt to convert a GFS1 filesystem which is not clean -  the  process
       of  conversion will reinitialise the journals. We highly recommend that
       fsck.gfs is run successfully before attempting to convert a filesystem.
       Many  of the on-disk structures are identical between GFS1 and GFS2, so
       the  conversion  process  updates  the  journals,  a   few   items   of
       incompatible  metadata  (mostly  indirect pointers and inodes) and adds
       the per-node directories  required  by  the  gfs2meta  filesystem.  The
       conversion process is performed in-place and does not require any extra
       disk space so that it  is  possible  to  successfully  convert  a  GFS1
       filesystem that is completely full.

       Always  ensure you have a complete backup of the data on any filesystem
       before starting the conversion process.


       -h     Help.

              This prints out the proper command line usage syntax.

       -q     Quiet.  Print less information while running.

       -n     No to all questions.

       -V     Print program Version information only.

              Print out the current version name.

       -v     Verbose operation.

              Print more information while running.

       -y     Yes to all questions.

              By specifying this option, gfs2_convert will not  prompt  before
              making changes.


       gfs2_convert /dev/vg0/lvol0
              This  will  convert  the  Global File System on the block device
              "/dev/vg0/lvol0" to gfs2 format.